Thursday, March 27, 2014

Still Not Getting Any Warmer

Some landscapers are saying to wait a bit before replanting because this cold stuff still may not be over.   I need to figure out how to get our RV to Hawaii next year.  Anyone know of a bridge?  Enough is enough!

We went to church on Sunday since we were out on Saturday.  Tommy had told Warren not to get on top of his RV for any reason because God would strike him down since we put visiting him first before going to church.  I thought that was pretty funny.  We went at 9:00 and there were kids galore.  We had to sit in a different spot than usual and the acoustics were bad.  Add the noisy little darlings and we remembered why we prefer a different time.

Ted went shooting and if I did anything Sunday and Monday it was so uninteresting I don't even remember.  But Tuesday I was back at the thrift shop doing my four hours of work.  Ted was cleaning the deck furniture of all the yellow pollen when I got home.  It is in a thick layer all over everything.  I feel sorry  for those with allergies.  Luckily, neither of us is bothered.

I had my hair cut and went to the grocery store afterwards on Wednesday.  Ted does most of the shopping and I experience sticker shock when I do go.  I don't know how people are feeding their families.  The full baskets I used to buy each week when the kids were home have to be a king's ransom now.  I went to Happy Hour at 5:00 and we all stayed a long time.  There was a good group and we just lost track of time.

This morning I took Pat, who works with me at the funeral lunches at church, to my volunteer organization's Information Coffee.  There was a large group of ladies looking to join and I am happy to report Pat filled out her paperwork and paid her dues right away.  I hope she enjoys this group as much as I do.  Time will tell.

I am leaving now for the airport to pick up Donna who will be visiting until Monday.  I just hope the weather improves!

"Don't knock the weather.  If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation."  ~ Kim Hubbard

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