Monday, March 17, 2014

A Tragedy

Our Friday night was spent with Gerre and Barry. They took us to dinner at the Catfish Place because we have Tucker again this week and they wanted to treat us. It was good catching up.

I received a phone call from Kristin early Saturday morning.  I knew something was the matter when the call came on Ted's phone.  It meant she called me, I didn't answer so she was trying her Dad's phone.  She needed to reach us, it was not a casual call this early on a Saturday.

Larry's brother Peter and his pregnant wife Amy had been at the wedding three weeks before.  She was about 26-27 weeks along.  At 2 am she had a seizure, fell in the bathroom and was rushed to the hospital where she had another seizure and died.  They did an emergency C-section and Mary Rose was born.  She is in the NICU.

Our families are devastated that this lovely girl, the picture of health, was taken so unexpectedly from us.  Please keep them all in your prayers.  There is a long road ahead for Peter and his baby daughter.

I feel bad for Kristin and Larry who should be pouring over photos and videos, writing thank you notes and combining their belongings into one home.  Instead they are barely going through the motions of daily life.  They could use your prayers too.

We went to church Saturday night and came right home.  Our hearts were too heavy to do anything else.  Ted did shoot on Sunday and we met our Dining Out group at 6 pm and were home about 7:10. It is hard to be good company under the circumstances.

Today seemed like ages since Saturday, not just two days.  I went to my bunco group and it helped talking to other women who were so sympathetic.  The funeral will be next Saturday in New York with burial on Sunday.  Of course Larry, Kristin and his sister are flying up.

Rest in peace, Amy.  Your daughter needs a guardian angel in you.

Treat everyone like it is the last time you are going to see them.  One day it will be.

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