Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back Home

Friday night the four of us drove to meet Tommy and Susan for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.  I am so used to fish and pasta on meatless Fridays I forgot about salad, soup, baked potatoes, pasta, etc. available there.  It was great fun seeing them.  Of course thoughtful Tommy had pulled our photo off my email and made 5 x 7 copies for us, the kids and my Dad.  Trying to pay him is impossible but I hope he knows how much I appreciate what he does for us.  They are such great friends as are Jay and Stella.  If in an emergency I needed someone to pull our trailer somewhere, Jay would be my first call.

We were up early Saturday, buttoned her up, said goodbye to Jay and Stella and headed for the storage lot.  We were home before noon.  Chris had already left and the house was in great shape.  I don't think he does much beyond sleeping here.  With his family 10 minutes away, he goes there for dinner.  My friend Donna is coming so I will make sure all is good in that area of the house for her arrival.

We went to church at 5:00 and then to Kathleen's to play Shanghai.  Ted won at his table but I spent most of the evening picking up cards off the floor.  Until you "go down" you have a lot of cards to hold on to and I wasn't doing it very well for some reason!

I got caught up on laundry Sunday while finishing up putting things away and doing a few "paperwork" things like renewing our passports.  We needed them in Mexico but they expire in August when we are leaving for Bucharest.  This is our fourth 10 year renewal and very possibly our last.  I'm not sure we will still be globetrotting at 80!

I did as much as I could on our taxes but need to take two K-1s to our accountant friend while we are in Kerrville.  These energy company investments are good but are a pain at tax time.  Dulce will work her magic and get the forms completed that I need.

Monday afternoon I played Canasta at Cathy's.  My cards were okay but left me in the middle of the pack.  It is a $1 game so not a big deal.  Just seeing everyone is so enjoyable.

Ted met Steve to shoot on Tuesday while I dropped off some medical records, took a package to the post office and stopped to get something for dinner at the grocery.  When we both got back home Ted wanted to go to the Mexican restaurant and I wasn't about to say no.  We will fix on Thursday what I bought for Tuesday!

We can't eat it on Wednesday because it was couple's card night at the country club which includes a buffet dinner.  What a good time seeing a whole different group of folks.  Once again Ted won at his table and I had the worse score ever!  I think I got down only two of the six games.  Both men won at our table shutting out the women.  At least I didn't drop my cards on the floor!  Ted is keeping my change purse filled with dimes for me.  

Today is our neighborhood ladies luncheon.  It is my month to choose the restaurant so I have to be at the restaurant a little earlier to greet everyone.  Ted joined the fellows at PF Chang's yesterday for their monthly get together.  It is important to stay in touch with your neighbors.

Our weekend is open now until Dining Out on Sunday night.  We are going to the newest BBQ place with the group.  It has been here a couple years now but I have never gone.  If there's something Texas has lots of it is BBQ and Mexican restaurants.  Don't ever look for meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans except maybe at Luby's cafeteria!

I have to mention the kindness and generosity of my friends here at home.  Several of them sent beautiful cards, messages and gifts to Larry and Kristin even though some have never met them.  Had the wedding been here the guest list would have been different but I was not comfortable inviting folks to a wedding 1000 miles away for a couple they didn't know.  But that didn't stop our very best friends here from honoring them on their big day.

We sincerely thank you for your love and support.  We couldn't be more blessed having friends like you in our lives and sharing in this beautiful time in our lives.  

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Carol said...

Glad you made it home safely. Nice that the truck had it's issues at just the "right" time - if there is such a thing. Sounds like you are all settled back in at home, that is, until your next trip! LOL!