Friday, March 7, 2014

Minutes from Home

We left Florida Tuesday morning with cool temperatures and a little misting.  We never did experience rainfall, just heavy humidity.  We drove to Holt, FL and stopped at a campground we have been to before.  It was too damp and cold to grill burgers so I made Sloppy Joes instead. We didn't even unhook.

The next day we reached Breaux Bridge a little after 1:00 and decided to continue on.  We found a "new to us" campground in Sulphur, Louisiana that was really nice.  We would definitely stay there again.  It was Ash Wednesday and I didn't have much to choose from in the way of meatless meals.  We also needed fuel so we unhooked and went to Richard's Seafood on the manager's recommendation.  I had grilled catfish and Ted had shrimp.  It tasted pretty good after the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we had for lunch!  I get a kick out of the 2-3 lb. platters of crawfish ordered in these Louisiana restaurants along with a metal bucket for shells.  Ted calls them red roaches on steroids.  I find them ok but too much work for a tiny piece of meat.  There were four such orders at the next table and they were all digging in.  It remained chilly so after fueling up we headed home to our recliners, fireplace and TV.  

The next morning we took off on our final leg.  We are at a KOA not real close to home but close enough to get my car so we can empty the trailer with one more trip after that initial one.  On our way Thursday we started getting a whistle and couldn't figure where it was coming from.  It didn't seem to be bothering the truck's performance but it was annoying.  As we got almost to the campground we started smelling something.  When we stopped to register, Ted determined it was the passenger side front brake on the truck.  We aren't sure if a caliper hanging up caused the whistle or not but we got my car and dropped the truck off where Ted gets his work done.  He is having new calipers and brake shoes put on both front wheels.  The last thing you want is to get stuck with a 38 foot trailer and a bad tow vehicle situation.

Our friends Jay and Stella are here at the KOA too.  They are really far from home but it is the only place they could find with monthly space.  We visited before leaving to get my car and Stella invited us to share a crockpot of chili with them when we returned.  She had all the fixings for Frito pie, a Texas deliicacy, and it certainly tasted good.  I had a whole box of creme puffs I had bought to share for Margarita night in the valley and never used.  I took one of the bags from the box and let it thaw for our dessert to share.  Ted cut up an onion.  So much for our contribution.  We stayed into the evening talking and catching up.  I think we are having dinner tonight with Tommy and Susan who are at the campground we all couldn't get into.  But it is Friday and they will have to take that into consideration when choosing a place.  Mexican will be out.  Lent is only six weeks long but by no longer observing meatless Fridays all the time, it takes a bit of getting used to ... and then it is over for another year.

Here are a few more wedding photos sent to me.

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