Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Cold Out!

Usually by March 1 our grass has greened up, the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming and we wait to see that first bluebonnet of the season.  So far, only the bluebonnets are co operating.  With the big freeze that covered everything in ice two days before we arrived home, 3/4s of our planted area out front was decimated.  Also, a big branch of one of the live oaks broke and is just hanging there, way up high.  So I spent last week meeting with landscapers to once again get the area replanted and the trees trimmed.  We have made our choice but they are all so busy it may be as long as 2.5 weeks before it gets done.

I worked for the first time since December for my volunteer group on Tuesday.  I am at 43 hours and will end the year at 50.5, closest I have ever cut it.  I attended a meeting Friday and now have 3 of my 4 meetings in and all four events of my committee work completed.  There is an information coffee on Thursday so I will accompany the lady I am sponsoring.  Both of my other recruits are happily engaged in their work and I hope Pat joins too.  

Friday was Inherit The Wind at the theater where we have our season tickets.  They did a fabulous job with so much dialogue to memorize.  It just flew by, that's how good it was.  Next up will be Gypsy in May.  We met Gerre, Barry, Sherida and John for dinner beforehand.  Two other friends were there and the gentlemen volunteered to sit in as part of the jury.  There were already so many in the cast I guess they thought this would be a good way to fill those chairs.

We spent Saturday at the campground visiting.  Warren and Judy have their new Mobile Suites so first stop was to see it.  We picked ours up in December; they got theirs from the same place in January.  Because they live in theirs full time, it is a few feet longer than ours but very similar inside.  We really enjoyed the visit.  Afterwards we went for burgers and Susan's sister Karen joined us and then came back to the campground.  It was a beautiful night and we stayed way late just talking and having a good time.

I have company coming on Thursday and have been busy planning our time.  It will be a short visit but I want to use our time wisely.  Planning ahead always helps in accomplishing things.

Here is a picture of Mary Rose.  I think she appears much bigger than her 3 lbs., 1 oz.  but  Kristin said her foot is the size of Kristin's thumb.  She isn't hooked up to very much and that is a good sign.

It’s the little things that make life worth living,
It’s the little things that help us make it through.
I never knew how true those words were,
Until I first set my eyes on you.

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