Friday, March 1, 2013

Shot Not Heard Round the Campground

Wednesday we joined several couples at Schneider's German restaurant.  It appears most of them are moving to Victoria Palms in light of the sites being for sale here along with a 10% increase in price for next year.  Since we are coming for just one month and Victoria Palms won't even take a one month reservation until December 1, we are reserving here for next year on the premise that we seriously doubt the sites will be sold.  If we get "shoved" out, we will go somewhere else.

We had a great meal of food like I ate at home when I was a kid.  Ted had zweibel schnitzel which is grilled onions over pork loin with fried potatoes.  I opted for just sides - spaetzel, German potato salad (not as good as mine) and awesome red cabbage.  Everyone enjoyed the food and many had apple strudel.  It looked good but I passed.

The next day we went next door to Retama Village whose owners took advantage of the turmoil here to have an open house of their sales and rentals.  It wasn't productive because we aren't interested in buying and they don't want to rent for less than 3 months if they can.  Probably around December 1 a one month rental will be more attractive if they have nothing lined up.  Something for us to keep in mind.

Then we went to Walgreen's only to find out neither of us had our wallets and we had to come back.  Later on we went back and stopped at Wal-Mart too.

Today Ted went shooting and afterwards we went to Dillards to buy a wedding present so I don't have to do that once we get home.  The Fed Ex guy dropped off a package and that is where the shot in the title comes in.  One morning around 5 o'clock Ted said he was awakened by a single gunshot. However no one else heard it including me.

We had a motor replaced on our awning because it would stop short of closing and in a few minutes would then close all the way.  Ted checked the batteries and they seemed OK.  Then our LP detector started going off.  We checked everything and decided it needed to be replaced because Dave's detector said to replace in four years and ours was five years old.  Today Fed Ex delivered it.  Ted hooked it up and it appeared not to work.  Dave and Ted went to check the batteries because it runs on 12 volt and the battery had blown up!

So we think the battery was going bad and the awning possibly didn't need a new motor just better 12 volt power, the sulfur smell from the battery may have set off the detector and the shot was the caps flying off the battery when the case cracked and blew up!  So now we need two batteries!  Never a dull moment.

We may have to leave a week early if Ted has to make a business trip.  Usually he would fly off and come back but the timing overlaps with our scheduled departure.  Since I have stuff piling up at home I would rather get home sooner than later.  After all, we only have 2.5 weeks before we hit the road again.  We will know more on Wednesday.  We will either be leaving the next day or leaving the next  week as planned.

Talk to y'all later.

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