Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lazy Start to the Week

Last weekend, other than church and shooting, neither of us did much outside the house. It was nice to have relaxation time.

Tuesday I accompanied Gail, my Junior Forum recruit, to the Information Coffee. It was very well attended and I was pleased that Gail signed up to join. She has moved here to be near her daughter, is a widow, and has been looking for volunteer opportunities. I think this is a good fit for her. She thinks so too.

Our Christmas gift to Terry and Carol were tickets to see Jersey Boys at the Hobby Theater. We had dinner at Saltgrass to celebrate both their birthdays which are nowhere near this date but we were gone for hers and will be gone for his. So we took care of all occasions in one fell swoop. Dinner was delicious and the play was terrific. Of course the music is "our music" so that added to the enjoyment. It was a later night than we are all used to.

My Canasta group has switched to Shang Hai and Thursday was the first time I played since Christmas. I got stuck again not going down so I didn't win. Adding all those points in one round is a killer and odds are not everyone, or anyone else for that matter, will get stuck too so they will have much lower scores. The 80 single dollar bills I won playing card bingo in Mission have not proved to be lucky in raffles or games.  They are rapidly dwindling.

I finally tackled a job I have put off for too long.  I cleaned out the office and all my files.  Now I have three stacks of paper about 2-3 feet high each.  I have a shredder but between the paper clips, motor overheating, stopping to empty the bin, etc., I decided to call a professional shredder.  He will be here on 4/12 since he only comes to this area once a week and will shred it all right in front of us in less than a half hour.  What a terrific feeling when all that excess is gone!

We met Gerre and Barry Friday night for dinner and to go see Fantasticks.  This is a 1960 musical allegory and took awhile to get into the rhythm of what the story was.  By intermission we had an idea of the story line but Barry and Gerre decided they didn't want to stay for the second act.  Ted and I decided to stay and the second act was much better because we understood the story line by then.  Other than Try To Remember there were no big hit songs but after 50 years this play still plays off Broadway.  To each his own I guess.

I took advantage of being at the theater to request my two free seats for the season.  We have invited our friends Sherida and John to accompany us to Grease in May.  Now that story I know and the music is right up our alley.  I think we will all like this one.

I baked a lamb cake for Easter dinner using a lamb mold Ted bought me at an antique store in Huntsville.  My Aunt Ret always made one for Easter and the children's First Communion.  When she died, the lamb mold disappeared.  It was the only thing I asked for.  With no directions I was taking a chance but it turned out OK.  I am not the best decorator but for a first effort it will do for the five of us having dinner. 

Today we went to church and God was with us, maybe because he recognizes us from the other 51 Sundays.  We arrived 9 minutes before Mass, not a good idea on Easter, but got the last parking spot. We went to the gym instead of the church and got two seats in the second row.  Mass was over before the church Mass finished and we pulled right out of the parking lot.  Three things that can be a problem on Easter and Christmas but not for us this time.

We went to Terry & Carol's about 4:00 and had dinner with them and our friend Jody whose husband was out of town.  Dinner was wonderful and afterwards we played Shang Hai.  Ted won and I came in second.  I am playing again Tuesday so I hope the card gods are with me.

Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song. ~
Pope John Paul II

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