Friday, March 22, 2013

Back to the Old Grind

There is always a Piper to be paid and he was waiting for me at home.  The first payment was to the three bins of mail!  Everything important had been handled but the shredding takes forever.  I had a few things to tend to but the banking and bills had all been handled so it was just getting rid of the rest of the stuff - like 99.9% of it.

Then it was on to taxes.  I had done most of the ground work so 2012 wasn't hard to finish.  But after talking with an accountant in the valley regarding a new bill passed in 2010 that I was unaware of, I amended my 2011 and am expecting a nice refund!  It felt good to get that out of the way.

Monday I double dipped and played bunco in the morning and Shang Hai in the afternoon.  I didn't win a darn thing either place.  In fact, I got "whupped" pretty bad at Shang Hai.  Getting stuck not going down once is bad enough but twice???  But it was great to see everyone again.

Ted and I had several errands to run and did this on Tuesday because he was leaving for Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday.  It was his Piper calling!  First we had to go to the trailer to get the wedding present.  We also brought his suit, shirt and tie home.  We had left it all there so we would have it after our trip to Kerrville when we went to Alabama.  Since that wasn't happening, we moved to Plan B. 

We took the wedding present back to Dillard's and they arranged packaging and shipping of the wedding present.  Then we took trousers Kelly had given him at Christmas to Macy's.  They still had the tags on them but he has lost enough weight that they are too big.  They didn't have his new size so I have a gift card for future use.

My I-Pad cover started coming apart so I called Targus.  They told me to mail it back for a replacement.  So off to the post office we went.  Then there was a stop at Wells Fargo, another at HEB, dropped off four pairs of slacks at the cleaners to be hemmed and finally we made our way back home.  You can spend a whole day just running around and never going very far from home.

I cleaned the house on Wednesday since it had sat for two months.  All things considered, it wasn't too bad, just dusty.  And there were five loads of laundry.  Ted was gone so I had all day to myself to get it accomplished.

Petticoats and Parasols, a Junior Forum "walk through women's fashions show from the 1800s on" was being presented at the Newcomers luncheon on Thursday so I decided I would attend.  The authentic vintage clothes are so interesting to see and the models do such a great job of representing the era.  The gals did an absolutely fabulous job and I was proud to be a part of both organizations.  Again, it was good catching up with so many people.

Today was a Junior Forum meeting and I was assigned biscuits to bring.  I took honey and strawberry jam to put on them.  There were six different breakfast casseroles but they all had meat in them.  You could pick out the few Catholics present because they were eating biscuits, cheese cubes and fruit!  It was a long meeting and after cleaning up I stayed to help get the Installation Luncheon invitations ready for mailing.  I didn't get home until almost 3:00 and I have to admit I am tired. 

I've spent an enormous amount of time working on the family tree that I need to have completed by June.  I have 8 generations and am now looking for a place that can print it in its entirety.  All those I have found only can print 5 generations.  I came across one but I think it involves buying more software so I'll keep looking.  If all else fails 8.5 x 11 card stock and double sided tape will work too.

Well the garage door just went up and that means Ted is home from Florida.  I hope he is hungry because I am.  That biscuit, cheese cube and fruit have vacated the premises and my tummy is calling for something else right about now.  Even a McDonald's fish sandwich sounds good.

Until next time ...

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