Saturday, March 16, 2013

Roberts Burns and the Plans of Men

We had the roof of the trailer washed on Wednesday and then the sides all wiped down.  Ted "swished" the tanks repeatedly to be sure they were really clean and put his bike, grill, table and chairs away.  We went to the last Margarita night of the season and Karen won $85 on the 50/50.  The number was one off of mine!

Thursday morning I was ready inside so Ted hooked up and it wasn't yet 9 o'clock when we pulled out.  We were paid up until Friday but didn't want to spend Friday night on the road and travel on Saturday.

It was just four hours to Victoria and only 1 o'clock when we stopped.  We could easily have driven on but Ted said he is retired and doesn't have to so he wasn't going to!  It would make for a long day and I don't know if we would have the stamina to empty the trailer after a long haul.  We set up and went to find a nail salon for me to get another thing out of the way before getting home where I had lots waiting for me.

We had just finished dinner when Ted saw Joe, a neighbor down in Mission, pull in.  He remarked that it looked as if Joe had a blowout.  The tire rim was white and without a hubcap and the wheel well was tore up a bit.  Ted went out to talk to him and he said he got only a bit north of Edinburg when the tread separated.  Having had this happen to us three times, we knew only too well about such things.

Once he got settled he came over and Ted told him what we did, how great Goodyear was about the tires and damage and our subsequent move to H rated tires instead of G.  We put him in touch with Jay who is a Heartland guy and he is advising him on how to proceed to get a new tire, fix the damage and make changes so it doesn't happen again.  Tires should last longer than 6,000 miles.  Joe is a really nice fellow and we look forward to seeing him in Mission next year. 

We made it home on Friday with no problems and started the unloading of two months of living.  It took two trips and we messed up our 2300 sq. ft. house with stuff from our 350 sq. ft. trailer.  I can never figure out how that happens.

I spent the rest of the day working on the three bins of mail and finishing up our taxes.  Saturday morning was more of the same.  We made plans to meet up with Jay and Stella for a late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  They hit the road later this week for their summer trip.  We had a great visit and they left for a grandson's ballgame and we went to church.

We sure did miss Fr. Roy at church.  Fr. George is from India and try as I might, I still only get every other word.  No mention of John Wayne, no country music CDs, no dogs, no jokes.  I know I am there to praise the Lord and not be entertained but Fr. Roy is a real tough act to follow.

Our trip to Troy, Alabama has been cancelled.  Ted's niece decided to marry quickly in December when her fiance graduated and got a job that required moving.  They intended to return in April for a big reception for everyone to attend.  In anticipation I bought that wedding present at Dillard's so I didn't have to do that when I got home.  Now I have 12 place settings of silverware that weigh a TON.  I think I will take them back, get a credit and send a check rather than package them up and pay the postage which would be substantial.  But we are still going to Kerrville and will just be home for the weekend instead of in Alabama.

Happy St. Paddy's Day to everyone. 

"The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglee". ... Robert Burns

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