Saturday, March 9, 2013

Seriously, More Fish!

We made our way to Mexico along with lots of other Winter Texans.  I did get that last cinnamon roll and while Ted had his pedicure I went to the drugstore and to find the honey.  I thought I remembered where Ronnie got his but that wasn't the right store.  I asked at the pharmacy where I could buy honey (they do sell vanilla) but I got blank stares.  So I just bopped in and out of stores until I found it at a meat market.

Meanwhile back at the salon Ted was nicknamed Roja Hombre because he turned red from laughing. He is terribly ticklish and has a hard time holding still when someone touches his feet.  But he thinks it is worth it in the end.  I will introduce him to my salon when we get home.  There isn't anything I can do about the ticklish part.

Since we didn't know if we were leaving, we started making preparations.  Ted had a few jobs to take care of and I started packing up the inside.  I had to separate all the things I bought for others into individual bags and then using the receipts, break down the pesos into US dollars.  Those bags are now ready for distribution.  As it turned out, we didn't have to leave so we are ahead of the game.

We have had no rain in two months and the dust has been unreal.  We climbed high, dusting the slide tops, ceiling fan, even the inside of the oven that I seldom use because I use the convection oven.  Today we took the four A/C filters down and washed them.  On Tuesday a fellow is coming to wash the roof.  We had the whole trailer washed and waxed when we arrived and yesterday Ted was putting another coat of wax on the front to keep bugs from sticking.  This fellow stopped by and offered to finish the job.  Ted told him he was almost done but he could come back on Tuesday and do the roof because it is as dusty as everything else.

I made deviled eggs for Margarita night on Wednesday.  One more thing out of the refrigerator.  Last. night we all headed to the Riverside Club for dancing and dinner.  The musician is supposed to play from 2-6 but when we arrived at four, he had gone home!  So 16 of us had dinner and I had cod while Ted had shrimp.  I am going to grow scales soon!

We have a farewell party tonight because everyone is heading out pretty soon.  Pat and Vern leave on Tuesday and we go on Thursday but there have been departures every day since March 1.  We signed us up and our FL friends for next January.  On 2/1 we will leave with them and head to Florida for a month and be there for our daughter's wedding.

This afternoon will be our last Mass with Fr. Roy for the year.  There is also the ice cream social and Pokeeno tonight so we will just have to see how long the party lasts.

Leaving is bittersweet this year because our group is now divided in thirds.  Three couples are going to Llano Grande, three to Victoria Palms and three are staying here.  I think some may be cutting off their nose to spite their face but everyone has to do what they think is best for them.

I like this park because of its size.  The other two mentioned have 1800 spots!  We are close to the skeet club and Fr. Roy.  There are lots of churches but as long as he is at Our Lady of Guadalupe we will attend there.  We are next to McAllen that has every chain store and restaurant known to mankind.  I don't think sales of these spots are going to happen anytime soon.  That will be plenty of time to make a change then.

Quote BulletAll change is not growth; all movement is not forward. ~ Ellen Glasgow

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