Monday, March 4, 2013

No Tacos This Trip

We were all discussing the restaurants we have gone to this season and Ted and I realized we haven't been to a Mexican restaurant even once but we've had lots of fish.  We started with shrimp at Alejandro's, the tray of fish and shrimp at Dirty Al's,  talapia at Pappadeaux, some kind of fish at Mambo's, wonderful parmesan talapia at Red Lobster and even fish sandwiches at McDonald's on Ash Wednesday!  For the most part we have eaten at home.

On Saturday Ted and Don were in a skeet tournament.  Ted came in first in the 12 gauge in his class, second in the 20 gauge in his class and Second Overall in the 12 gauge portion of the tournament. His student Don came in first in his class in the 12 gauge. Don was so proud of himself and Ted was proud of him!  Their names will be in the magazine Skeet Shooting next month.

They were gone all day so Trudy and I did what all women do when left alone - we went shopping.  Trudy wanted to go to the Hanes store in Mercedes so we started there and ended at a darling boutique in McAllen where we also had a nice lunch.  No fish, chicken salad.  I bought a few things and am ready for summer.

We were home in time to go to church at 5:30 where a Hispanic priest from California, visiting relatives in the area, said Mass.  Fr. Roy spoke at the beginning.  He told us that little Puebla, his three legged dog, had died the night before.  She lost her leg to a fungal infection and finally succumbed to it.  Fr. Roy loves his animals.  The little black and white spaniel dog kept walking in front of me as I made my way back to my seat after Communion.  No matter which way I stepped, he was there.  The first rows were chuckling at my dilemma.  Everyone is used to several dogs in church and love having them there.  As we drove away, a young couple was feeding the llama some carrots.
We will miss attending church here when we leave.

Since we are winding down, on Sunday we invited Dave, Karen, Dulce and Berndt to help us finish off our brats from Cincinnati.  We needed to get a few things from the Don-Wes flea market since we have had a few more requests so we did that and bought a bag of oranges and a bag of grapefruit too.  Ted started the grill when we got home while I fixed brocolli slaw, beans and baked apples.  Karen made a chocolate pie.  It was breakfast, lunch and dinner for us.  Afterwards we all walked around the park twice.

Today we are going to Mexico with the last of the shopping requests from there - some medicine and honey.  It will be a big payday when we get home and give everyone what they have requested.  Just maybe I can get a last cinnamon roll from Renee's if Ted gets another pedicure!

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Carol said...

I still think that I would love to go to hear and see Fr. Roy - the way you describe the church and his services - well, I just think I would really enjoy it. You guys have fun and be careful on your way home.
Hugs -