Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And The Exodus Begins

March 1 is fast approaching and many are gearing up for departure. Lots of them will head to Texas's hill country to wait for spring to arrive further north before they continue home. We have a couple more weeks before we leave.

A new restaurant, Mambo's Seafood, opened recently so we gave it a try on Friday. It was just OK and I certainly wouldn't wait an hour to be seated. Since we went about 3 o'clock our wait was short but then we waited a half hour for our food! Mediocre dining at best is my thought.

Our BBQ and dance was scheduled for Saturday afternoon and the weather was great. We saved three tables for our group but people were up and down all afternoon so we met some new folks who sat down to eat. Here we are with Don and Trudy that we have known for three years now.  Very few things go on in the evening here so you get used to putting on your dancing shoes early in the day. The brisket was very good and we had a nice time.

We chose to go to 5:30 Mass so we could stay longer at the dance. We missed Fr. Roy but Speedy Gonzales was there and we were out quickly.

Sunday was the craft show and this "picture" was created here in the wood shop by a very talented artist and carpenter.  I would have liked to have bought it for my niece Ann who does competitive cowgirl shoot and ride races but it wasn't for sale.

We had a happy hour later in the afternoon. There has been some "drama" about the park's conversion and it was decided to get together to talk about it. But no one took ownership of the subject so small conversations were going on but there was no big speech about what was expected to happen or info on other parks like I expected.

Karen invited our entire group for dinner on Monday. Since there were 18 of us and there was a Wind Advisory for the entire day, we ate in the clubhouse . We were supposed to have this dinner the day we arrived but it was rainy and 47 degrees that day so she only had me and Ted. She asked for a salad so I did an antipasto and it was well received.  Everyone liked all the "good stuff" I put in it.

Several people are checking out other parks this week.  The front runner won't let you make a reservation for less than 3 months until November.  That could put you in a park you would rather not be in if they couldn't accommodate your request.  We have to make our reservation at this park on March 8 so you can see where being made to wait until November isn't desirable.  The others all stay at least three months and this isn't a problem for them. We intend to make our month of January reservation for here next year and hope for the best.  Time will tell.  

Yesterday was so windy that after lunch everyone stayed put inside.  We walked up to check our mailbox and to mail a letter in the afternoon.  I felt like the Flying Nun.  I would estimate the winds at 60 mph.  Watching the news last night told me we weren't alone in all that wind.  I'm just glad the temperatures were comfortable and we didn't have any snow like so much of the nation is battling.

Karen is determined to finish off those meatballs so she invited us for meatball subs for lunch.  We are both in the mode to empty the refrigerator and freezer as much as we can to minimize having to take it back home.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. ~ Jimmy Dean

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