Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ready To Head Out

We had a great sermon from Fr. Roy on Saturday.  The gospel was the Prodigal Son and he said we probably can all find ourselves a bit in each one of the folks mentioned.  I know I am the "eldest son" on so many levels.  In a nutshell Fr. Roy said the story goes like this:

A man has two sons and the youngest wanted his inheritance which Daddy gave to him.  He went off and blew all the money and came back home with his hat in his hand.  Instead of being mad, the father said "Come on in.  We'll have a cookout and tie one on!"  But the oldest boy was pissed."  And that is how we hear the Word according to Fr. Roy.  We told him goodbye for the year and how much we enjoyed his sermons.  He thanked us and wished us safe travels.

We came home and went right over to the farewell party.  We had eaten before we left so we didn't eat anything.  When it was time for the ice cream social we all walked to the clubhouse and got sundaes.  We stayed at the party until time for Pokeeno and then went back to the clubhouse.  We play 10 games - 3 nickles, 3 dimes, 3 quarters and one for $1.  And I won the $1 game raking in $80!  Usually you win about $125 but many folks have left and the crowd was smaller.  But I was happy.

Sunday morning we took Dave and Karen to the Embassy Suites for brunch.  They are so kind and helpful to us that we wanted to say thank you.  We had a nice meal and visit.  They are changing parks next year and we will certainly miss them being right across the street.  The rest of the day we just hung out.  DST had everyone a bit mixed up in their eating and sleeping patterns.

The National HitchHiker luncheon was yesterday and the crowd there was less too.  This is the last one of the season.  We sat with Linda and Gordon who belong to our subgroup Haulin' HitchHikers.  They are not going to Kerrville in April but two other couples that were there are.  This is the group we were with in Manistee MI last August.

After lunch we drove to Mercedes to the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show and Rodeo.  We saw several shows and looked at many exhibits.  We spent close to four hours walking around.  The rodeo competition part doesn't start until Wednesday so we missed that.  It was pretty late when we got home.

We have no more plans other than getting ready to leave and saying goodbye to our friends.  I have a very full plate when I get home and hope I can get it all done before we take off in a couple weeks again.

Get busy living or get busy dying.  ~ Stephen King

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