Monday, April 8, 2013

A Week of Saturdays

I had my six month check up at the doctor and all my numbers were fantastic he said. I have my mammogram and bone density in the next week and if all is OK there, I am good to go for six months on the blood work and a year on the others. Ted has an endoscopy and colonoscopy in the next month. It will be a relief when it is all done and we are hopefully in good shape for a couple of old folks. Ted has lost 36 lbs. and our doctor was so excited to hear that. I am proud of him!

Tuesday I played Shang Hai and did well. Second place was only a 12 point spread for three of us but Elaine prevailed. It was a good game in that scores stayed very close.

Wednesday we drove in miserable weather to the hill country of Texas. It rained the whole way accompanied by lots of fog. Lucky for us the rain stopped by the time we arrived and set up. We barely got finished and it was time for Happy Hour followed by a burger dinner provided by our hosts. There are between 25-30 rigs in for the rally. This is a beautiful park built in a pecan grove. The rally hall is a little western town of storefronts so I took some photos.

We had a restful day on Thursday with time to explore before another Happy Hour. We had planned to take our Mission friends to dinner but Bernd had a medical procedure and wasn't up to going out so we drove into town for dinner by ourselves. When we returned there were at least two dozen deer behind our rig in the pecan grove. I couldn't get close enough to get a good picture but they were so beautiful to watch.

On Friday about 20 of us drove to Stonewall to a winery for a tasting. There were several bachelorette parties going on and we took advantage of a huge parked limo to get our picture taken in front of it. We were a "group with reservations" so our tasting included cheese, crackers, pate, etc. but our six wines were chosen by them. I wanted to taste all whites so when they got to the reds I wandered over to the other bar and chose what I wanted to taste. I bought two bottles of Moscato and a bottle of Melbac for our hosts.

We came back to the park and later drove with Jami and Denny into Fredericksburg for a group dinner at a German restaurant. The food was very good but was not familiar to many of the folks. I helped explain some of the dishes and most seemed pleased with their choice. Ted and I enjoyed our schnitzels. It was past 8 o'clock when we all got back. There was karaoke at the rally hall but we chose to stay in.

Every day has seemed like Saturday and finally it arrived.  It must have been our Wednesday arrival that got my point of reference screwed up this week.  We drove to another park to visit Dulce and Bernd.  She needed to look at two K-1s I received AFTER I filed my taxes.  They didn't arrive until towards the end of March.  She said what I had done was correct, gave me a carryover sheet to keep for next year and said to hold off filing the Amended Return until the end of the month.  Bernd  was feeling better but did not want to go to lunch.  We had a good visit and promised them a dinner next January in Mission.  With hugs and handshakes we said our goodbyes.

When we returned I got my Dorito Chicken Casserole together for the potluck.  The weather was beautiful so we walked around the park and visited with those outside their rigs.  Happy Hour and dinner was another feast and my chicken dish was empty!  Afterwards we had a white elephant exchange.  I ended up with a nice necklace and earrings.  There was going to be karaoke but I had dishes to do, wanted to shower since church was real early in the morning and besides I was tired and went to bed by 10:00.  Ted stayed and I don't know what time he came in.

We attended Notre Dame Church and the sermon was very good.  "When did God stop being relevant?  How did we get from Ozzie and Harriet to commerecials that embarrass us in front of a six year old?"

Once back we left at 11:00 heading to Cooper's BBQ in Llano.  I have had many restaurants' ribs but I swear these were THE BEST ribs I have ever eaten.  Your first stop, after standing in line, was the grill where you have them slice off whatever meat you want.  Inside are the drinks, sides and desserts. The meat gets wrapped in paper, weighed and meets back up with you at the register.  We chose ribs, brisket, sausage and a pork chop.  Needless to say we brought half the pork chop and some sausage home.

On the way back we drove the Willow City loop, one of the most scenic drives in the hill country.  It was pretty and interesting.

I made my pesto spread for Happy Hour and afterwards left to watch Amazing Race which was displaced by the Country Music Awards!  Bummer.

Today was overcast and drizzly so Ted and I took time to teach Connie and Jami how to play Shang Hai.  We had the rally hall to ourselves but were treated to smells of the catfish dinner with all the fixins' being prepared by the park for our dinner.

We head home tomorrow with an equally busy schedule but, for now, I wouldn't have it any other way.


Rick and Brenda said...

We stayed in that park in 2011.
We recommended that park to the Boomers. I am not sure if they have used it or not.

Carol said...

What an interesting rec hall - I guess you could say "Only in Texas"! As I told you on Facebook - one day we will get to see the bluebonnets but in the meantime I sure enjoy looking at the pictures. Continue to have fun!
Hugs -