Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Truck Is Home

Ted picked the truck up late Monday afternoon and returned the rental car. He has driven it for two days and he and Dave have "listened" to it and all seems good. We have lots of time to make sure.

Tuesday we went to what is called the Mexican flea market just a little west of here. Cindy and Tim are shoppers so we are finding places worthwhile for them to go. The best buy was 7 avocados for $1! I bought a pair of sunglasses for $5 and that was all. Having lost the Michael Kors ones that Kara gave me but still having the $10 ones I bought at Disney years ago, this makes sense for me. We walked for two hours and that is good for us.

In the morning on Wednesday Stella called to remind us of the lunch at Ron Hoover RV they had invited us to and asked if we were going. They are Heartland RV district leaders (or something like that) and attend lots of functions in that capacity. Ted was supposed to shoot but it was so windy he was over at Dave's discussing the situation. I told her I didn't know until he came back. He stayed there an hour and a half so the answer turned out to be "no."

Wednesday is always Margarita night and we headed over to the clubhouse at 5:00. Pat and Vern were already there and invited us to join them. We met others as the table filled up. I don't know about next week because we have to be at the airport at 3:50 to get Cindy and Tim. We will just play it by ear. I will keep something simple here to take over just in case everyone arrives in time. Karen and Ron are driving and stopping in Kingsville at the King Ranch so I don't know what time to expect them.

I will fix something easy for dinner because whether we make Happy Hour or not they will need to eat. And we will take them to HEB grocery to get a few things for their casitas. They have a LR, kitchen, bath and BR. I have provided them with lots of info on what there is to do and see so we will also be setting up our plans for the week.

We have a busy weekend - western style show luncheon Friday, Patsy Cline Legend Show Saturday and Burger Bash and Super Bowl party Sunday. I will need the next days to get my laundry done and groceries in for our company. It will be a busy week while they are here.

"What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expect generally happens." - Benjamin Disraeli

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