Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lovely Weather

It has been cool at night and sunny and 70s during the day. Perfect! We ran into Marilyn and Vern, fellow HitchHikers from Minnesota. They said it was going to be 9 below at their home last night. Brrr! We will see them again at the HitchHiker luncheon.

Friday we saw The Redhead Express perform here at our park. This is a family originally from Alaska, now living in Nashville, who have been performing down here for a couple of years. We have watched the four girls and three boys grow up. They are very talented and a joy to watch.

Saturday we rode with Jay and Stella to the flea market. I had several items to get for myself and others. Bill wanted a potato baker. These are hand made of cotton, sort of a double potholder with a flap to close it. Wrap your potatoes in a wet paper towel, put inside the baker, close the flap and microwave as usual. They come out as if done in a regular oven. I love mine and will use it tonight to make our potatoes for the Baked Potato Supper tonight at the rec hall.

Carol wanted a six deck card shuffler and two six deck card trays which I found easily because there are game booths all over. I was also looking for wood domino holders so Morgan would have 8 instead of just 4 for her Mexican Train set but they only had plastic. I will order another set from Amazon for her. Ted bought new conchos for his belt. I needed ground nutmeg at home so I went to the spice shop for that. Then we crossed the street to the produce market and bought a pineapple, grapefruit, oranges and peppers.

Since we were that far east we decided to stop at Furr's Buffet for a late lunch/early dinner. What a crowd! We had to wait in line to pay but then it was smooth sailing. I ate a balanced meal and other than a bowl of cereal, that was it for the day.

As soon as Jay dropped us off we got into our own truck to go to church. We found the church under total renovation, the dome at ground level and expansion on both sides. We thought oh- oh but people were streaming into the school hall across the street. Fr. Roy and his dogs were there. Fr. Roy is a Texas ranch boy from San Antonio. He preaches Texas style.

The gospel was the wedding feast at Cana. In his sermon he talked of when the headwaiters asked the bridegroom why he saved his best wine for last instead of serving it first. Fr. Roy said in Texas you would serve your Lone Star beer or Shiner Bock first and when that ran out you could give them a Bud Light!

When we left he told us to take a calendar and send one to our college students and servicemen. He said every barracks and dormitory needs a crucifix, a Lady of Guadalupe calendar and a picture of John Wayne. We LOVE going to church there.

After church we returned to the park and played Pokeeno. None at our table won but one lady won twice, one of which was the big one!

It was a busy day but so enjoyable. We are settling into our routine.

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