Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Enjoying The Valley

On Saturday we went to the shooting range here on the property. There are four shooting stations and one of them was open for the five of us. It has been a real long time since I shot but I did pretty darn good. Hit the bullseye a time or two and always hit the target, no stray shots. We are supposed to go back on Thursday while they do some PR videoing.

That afternoon we had our Baked Potato Early Supper in the clubhouse. I had bought two nicely shaped, same size baked potatoes at the flea market so I used my microwave bag to cook them. There was butter, sour cream, bacon bits, chili and cheese to top your potato and drinks and dessert to go with it. We had a nice time visiting but the clubhouse was being used at 7:30 for dance practice so we gathered our things and came home.

While we were driving to and from the shooting range Ted and Dave were "listening" to the truck. Ted said he could hear a "howl" and Dave agreed. Now I can hear way better than Ted but I couldn't hear anything. There is just some familiarity between a man and his truck that defies reason. So on Monday Ted took the truck to the Ford dealer. Long story short, we are getting a new differential. We have a rental car paid for by Ford and the repairs are under warranty. Now we are just saying prayers that a top notch mechanic is doing the work.

Today we went to Mexico. First stop was Renee's Bakery for a pastry and coffee. We had met Stella, Jay, Kelly and Mike at the bridge. Afterwards we stopped at our favorite drug store and bought our list of drugs for us and others. It was quite a list but they had everything I needed including two bottles of vanilla for a friend. Then Ted agreed to a pedicure. His men friends in the park said the spa next to Renee's was great and they all went there. I hope he will continue with them now that he has found out how good your feet can feel.

Last stop was the leather shop where Ted had his brown belt worked on and I bought two belts. I left the bag with Ted's black belt in the car so he didn't get that one cut down (he has lost 25 lbs. since our return in November!). We will be going back over in a couple of weeks so we will get it fixed then.

Tomorrow is trap shooting, Senior Expo at the convention center and Margarita night at the clubhouse. We have been invited to a birthday party on Friday. We are still enjoying ourselves and the weather is great.

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