Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Cold In The Valley

We arrived Tuesday before one o'clock. I remember because the office was closed for lunch. Guy, the manager, came out of his house to greet us. I told him we knew where to go and also knew the spot had been vacated so he told us to set up and come back later.

When we pulled in, Dave came right over. He had called just as we went through Kingsville to get a time on our arrival because Karen was fixing a meal for us. We got set up and went right over to eat delicious salad, garlic bread, meatballs and spaghetti (Ted's favorite) and chocolate cake. We were both starving because we had skipped breakfast. It tasted mighty good.

We went to the office, paid our fees and signed up for a few activities. It was good to be settled for two months.

Ted went shooting with the fellows yesterday. When he came back we did the "RVers run to Wal-Mart." There is a new one west of here so there is no dealing with traffic into McAllen. I am sure it will be our store of choice for that reason alone.

As soon as we got back I hurriedly put the groceries away and we headed next door to pick up Jay and Stella. They had invited us to have dinner with them and friends of theirs who are workamping at the Birding Center in the state park. There were 11 of us in all at Alejandros Restaurant. Unfortunately there are two and we went to the wrong one first. But we ended up all together. This place had the biggest shrimp I have ever eaten.

Afterwards we went to their trailer and visited. We haven't seen them since down here last year though we stay in touch constantly. We will be spending time together until they leave in the middle of February.

We have had to keep the furnace on all the time. It doesn't run much during the day. The sun has returned and we need the temps to get back to normal then all will be OK.

We have no particular plans for today but I'm sure something will come up!

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Carol said...

Glad you arrived safely and all is well - Have a great time!
Hugs -