Friday, January 25, 2013

Video For Him, Laundry For Me

Thursday Ted went to the shooting range where they were making videos for the park website. They shot the clay targets with no special instruction and were not even aware when filming was going on. We have no idea if Ted will appear in the video or end up on the editing room floor.

I, in the meantime, got three loads of laundry together but waited for the car to return to go to the laundry room. I cannot drag three sorted bags, hangers, detergent, bleach, Spray and Wash and money by myself. When Ted returned he dropped me off, ran some errands and then came back to bring me and the clean clothes back home. I really do miss my own laundry room when out in the RV but doing it all at once in several machines makes it go quickly.

We went over to visit with Dave and Karen. We decided to go to the Souper Supper on Sunday so we all walked up to the office to sign up. Four couples are assigned to a table and each brings something. We have Ted making soup, Dulce is making sandwiches and Karen is making dessert. There is one spot open for appetizers but we haven't checked the sheet to see if anyone has taken the last two seats at our table.

Today we went to the grocery and the produce market. I remembered our HEB free bacon coupons so we have plenty in the freezer for our company coming on 2/6. We stopped at the Ford dealer but the truck is still not ready. We were due at Diana and John's site at 5:30 to celebrate Anne's birthday. I took brouchetta and my own Riesling. There was plenty of food and two different birthday cakes. A pole took out an electric line in the state park and the whole 700 group of sites in our park were without electricity. We used small lanterns for awhile but these groups break up early so it wasn't much of a problem.

We are sleeping with the windows open and the roof vent fan on. Delightful!

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