Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fun weekend

There was a good turnout for our ladies luncheon and style show on Friday. Everyone was so dressed up compared to the normal attire around the park. I sat with Pat, Ann and Diana. Trudy and Karen were models so they ate at that table. Three different stores showed off their wares. The one I liked best is actually a 14W and up store so I can't even shop there.

However, we are all going to Weslaco on Tuesday to shop at the other two stores and use our coupons that were at each table setting. We will be having lunch over there too. I took photos for Karen but the light was not good so I don't think they turned out all that well.

Afterwards I found Ted over at Dave's so I sat down for awhile too. I gave him Karen's camera and phone because she was still getting her things together in the dressing room.

Yesterday we went to Tony Roma's for an early dinner. That is only the third time we have eaten out since we arrived. Diet or not, I couldn't pass up the ribs. I got the smaller portion but still brought home half of that. Ted could not eat all of his either.

Then we went to church where Mary, Joseph, Simeon, Anna and the donkey re-enacted the Presentation of the Lord in the temple. Benito the dog barked at the donkey and Fr. Roy had to tell him to be quiet, it was OK for the donkey to be in church. Fr. Roy said "That must be Simeon's dog. I read in the Bible that he had a cranky dog." Afterwards we received the "blessing of throats" in honor of St. Blaise Day. Fr. Roy had mentioned that if he asked everyone what day 2/2 was, half would say Groundhog Day instead of Candlemas Day. I think the percentage would have been higher. I want to go to Mass at San Juan Shrine with the mariachi bands but it is hard to skip our weekly encounter with Fr. Roy.

We then picked up Jay and Stella for the Rainey show at Chimney Park. This park sits right on the banks of the Rio Grande River and every one's cell phones were getting messages about the costs of international dialing. We get them when we walk across the bridge too. We just all know not to make or take calls there. I wonder how the people in the park make sure they are not internationally roaming.

Rainey did a fantastic job as Patsy Cline. We all really enjoyed the show. I have everything Patsy ever recorded and she has the nuances down pat. Donna from our park was there because she knows Rainey. They are both from Thunder Bay, Ontario. She introduced Ted because both Rainey's mother and her husband had worked for mills owned by Abitibi. They knew a few people in common.

Today is the Burger Bash and Super Bowl. I think the fellows may shoot this morning. I saw the photo of Obama supposedly shooting skeet. If he is, he isn't on a skeet field, there are no high and low houses nor 8 stations and he is shooting below the birds. So let's just say he probably isn't any good.

I haven't taken any photos but maybe next week with our company here that will change. They arrive on Wednesday and we will be out and about all week. I better charge my camera battery while I am thinking about it!

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