Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Oven Fix

We did make it through dinner with the spastic oven. With the brisket in the smoker I had rebaked potatoes, baked apples and garlic toast to worry about but it all cooked fine. We had one last big meal. I have cooked more since our return from Europe with all this company than I have in years. Lora, Steve and Hope left early but Terry and Carol stayed until 11 o'clock.  Larry took photos and posted this "decreased saturation" photo on Facebook.

The next day I turned the oven on to bake a breakfast casserole and got an F2 error code. Now I had something to work with. That meant my oven sensed heat in excess of 600 degrees ... but it was still cool enough to stick my hand in. It had been on for only a few minutes. We moved on to plan B for breakfast.

Ted took Larry and Kristin to the airport for their flight home and picked up Kara's friend Bill. I was anxiously awaiting his arrival because he was the caped crusader of fixing my oven! He assessed the situation and decided it needed a new sensor, exactly what I told the two GE repairmen who said I should not use a portable thermometer to check the temperature, charged me a lot of money and fixed nothing!

Bill decided to test the sensor. When he reached for it, it came off in his hand with the wires all burned. Now the entire oven needed to be taken out of the cabinet to get to the wiring harness. Bill did that and found the plastic clip of the sensor fried at the harness. He said it was a miracle we didn't have a fire. But the new sensor could not be clipped into the harness because of the damage so he used special connectors to reconnect the old sensor. And it works! The oven is reaching the correct temperature and staying on. I know GE would have sold me a new $1500 oven before they would have gotten to the bottom of the problem and fixed it! Thank you, Bill!

We spent New Year's Eve playing Mexican Train (I lost big time). The next day and Kara and Bill took the kids to play miniature golf and Ted and I returned two gifts. We picked up pizza afterwards for dinner and went to church at 7 o'clock.

We are going to the Children's Museum today if everyone gets moving.  I have lots of the Christmas stuff down and staged in my sitting room.  Bill has been very helpful in reaching things for me.  He took the box down for my wreath and took it off the wall and put it away.  Then he put the picture back up which usually takes me half an hour because of trying to hit two different hooks with the wire.  I am missing a photo of all the grandkids so I'll keep looking to discover where I stuck it.

Happy New Year to all in 2013.  Good health is my first wish for you, happiness always and at least a penny for your shoe.

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!"

 ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie

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