Friday, November 30, 2012

The Week in Review

Keith and Steve came back to our house after the cruise.  We all had lots to do in the way of laundry and getting caught up, especially Steve who had 1300 emails or so.  Sunday was spent getting the luggage emptied and laundry going.  Thank goodness we had attended Mass on the ship on Saturday night so we didn't need to stop at 6 pm and go to the last Mass of the day on Sunday.

Monday we continued with the laundry but took time to drive them around to see some of the area we live in.  Other than the ride to the country club on Thursday, it's about all of our Township they got to see.

Tuesday we drove to Brenham to the Blue Bell ice cream factory where the workers "eat all they can and sell the rest."  It's a lovely complex and delightful town so it was easy to spend the day there.  First we took the factory tour, then ate at the airport diner right next to the runway where the waitresses dress in poodle skirts and then we hit some of the shops along Main Street.  They had been looking for a pickle ornament (an old German custom is to hide that green ornament in the tree and have a gift for whoever finds it).  Our search had been unsuccessful until I was told to go to Fancy That.  I was so tickled to give Keith the decorated bag that contained it.

Here they are with the Blue Bell logo sculpture wearing their paper worker hats given on the tour.  The second photo is beside an old ice cream delivery truck with the original name Blue Bell Creameries.  Last is our waitress at the diner taking our order.

Wednesday we traveled to Old Town Spring and visited every one of the stores.  Despite many unique stores and boutiques, none of us bought anything.  We did however try several of the dips and spread samples some stores had out.

Thursday Keith and I continued our decorating quest.  Because we are usually gone, decorating has been almost non-existent since we moved into our present home.  He would ask where does this "go" and I would say nowhere in particular. It's been in the attic for 10 years.  So he had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted.

Late afternoon we headed to the country club for Thanksgiving dinner.  What a spread!  They had everything imaginable and it was all very, very good.  I didn't over eat though.  One trip to the salad station, one to the hot food for turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and vegetables and one piece of pie.  Well maybe that is overeating on Weight Watchers but after our eating frenzy on the ship, this was mild.  I did gain 2 lbs. while away but I didn't think that was too bad.

Ted was fighting an upper respiratory infection that I managed not to get.  Maybe my flu shot did work!  But we left him home and headed to the San Jacinto Monument.  We watched the movie, took the elevator to the observation platform and took in the exhibit.  This monument is taller than the Washington Monument, but then everything is bigger in Texas!

Next we went to the Monument Inn for a late lunch and watched lots of barge activity in the ship channel.  The ferry looked as if it was playing cat and mouse.  A barge would go by, here came the ferry.  Another barge went by, there goes the ferry.

Next up was a tour of the Battleship Texas.  We all enjoyed this part of the day because you get to go most anywhere you want on this ship.  There are many, many floors from the bowels of the ship with the engine room to the highest point of a crow's nest.  And you can go wherever you want.  No particular tour guide or anyone to stop you.  What they don't want you to have access to is locked.  We spent a lot of time here before heading home.

Too soon our week was over and it was an early morning run to the airport for them to head back to Connecticut.  This past week I had kept empty on my calendar because I knew that after a month of travel and company and Christmas coming I would have lots to do.

But I am in great shape now.  House decorated, Christmas card ready to go out through, shopping done mostly through Amazon and I just need to wrap the few things I have here for the kids that are coming.

But next week really gears up so I'm glad to be as far along as I am.

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Carol said...

Our decorating is done also - I didn't do as much as I usually do. Just not as much room in this little rental house. All my gifts are ordered (through Amazon) except one - but I'll get it done next week. I'll start wrapping tomorrow and get the Christmas cards out next week. Sounds like we are both in pretty good shape. Take a deep breath - the holidays are upon us!
Hugs -
P.S. - Love your home it is beautiful!