Thursday, November 15, 2012

Land Ho!

This morning we will dock in Nassau. We had two cloudy, misty days before a gorgeous day yesterday. A great treat for Tom, Ted and me at breakfast was a spectacular full rainbow ending in the water next to the ship. It left as quickly as it came. I told them it was God saying good morning.

The pools and deck chairs were all filled when I did my five laps around the walking track. Ted was shooting hoops and played miniature golf while I walked. Later we all played two tables of Shang Hai and I won finally. All my dimes had been depleted so it was good to get some back.

I made an appointment for a pedicure between playing cards and having dinner. The spa on board is quite impressive. There is always something to fill your time. Knowing 33 people on board plus the new people we have met makes for many opportunities to just visit.

Ted and I have spent a little time in the casino. I was in the Crown and Anchor slot tournament and out of 80 people made it to the final 10 but didn't win. We each have a chit with money on it so we will play some more and use it up or maybe we can cash them in for some bug bucks!

The time has passed quickly and Sunday we will dock in Galveston. With Keith and Steve coming home with us for Thanksgiving week our busy time will continue.

I do want to post some photos so please be patient and check back..

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