Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Medical Emergency

I spoke of our group and their need for medical attention. We have had a kidney stone, a broken finger, a broken foot, an ear infection, infected recurring dog bite, seasickness, sore throat and two bad backs.

Last night, a young girl in our group collapsed at the dinner table. Ted and I had skipped dinner and were in the theater watching "Chicago" when we heard the code for our dining room. I was concerned about our group but was stunned to learn it WAS someone from our group and in their 20s. Last we heard she was in her cabin and doing fine. I will never travel without insurance. I have seen too many things happen from having to cancel at the last minute to getting sick or injured.

I am starting with a cold but have OTC meds with me and some ampicillin if it decides to turn into something more. We wash our hands constantly and Purell stations are all over the ship but with 5000 people in close proximity, germs are bound to be passed.

We played games yesterday and so far have a key chain, flashing ring, highlighter and a document holder for around your neck. There was a second performance of an amazing pianist in the afternoon and a hypnotist in the evening. Add our movie time in and we had to skip playing cards and eating dinner.

Even the buffet was closed when we came out of the hypnotist show so we grabbed a piece of pizza from the Cafe then listened to passengers sing with the band followed by a jazz party on the Promenade.

Today I hope to work a pedicure in. We also need to sign up for our Nassau excursion. We have had calm seas and warm weather except for a cloudy damp day yesterday.

And people worry about getting bored while at sea for six days!

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