Friday, November 23, 2012


We only had five days for Keith and Steve's visit.

Monday we spent doing laundry, and Keith got all my Christmas things down from the attic. This will be only the second time since 2001 that we have spent Christmas at home so most things were stuck in the attic when we moved into this house where they have remained.

Keith's goal, besides helping me decorate, was to get things organized so I could store it all in the garage and not have to climb the attic stairs. We made lots of headway on both fronts.

Tuesday we drove to Blue Bell in Brenham to visit the ice cream factory. We also had lunch at the airport diner with the waitresses in poodle skirts and did a little shopping. The fellows and we enjoyed the day.

The next day we spent in Old Town Spring and checked out every store but no one bought anything!

Thursday Keith and I continued with the garage and decorations before meeting Carol & Terry and Jody & Dave for Thanksgiving dinner. The eight of us had a delicious meal at the country club courtesy of Terry. What a nice surprise and a kind and generous gesture.

Friday Ted was fighting a cold so the three of us traveled to Lynchburg to take the ferry to the San Jacinto Monument. After our visit there we had lunch at the Monument Inn then proceeded to visit the Battleship Texas. The guys really enjoyed climbing all over the ship with me bringing up the rear. I was being very careful going up and down the very steep steps!

Their flight is around 9:00 in the morning so we will be leaving very early. Steve worked on our computers and connected our Wii to the internet and Keith's contributions are so very much appreciated too. We will be sorry to see them go.

Google has told me I have used my capacity for photos and I have been unable to publish any from our trip. I intend to print out my first year in its entirety and then delete it to make room. Hang in there!


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Bummer on the pictures! I used to upload my shots to WebShots, but once they wanted money, I have converted to Picasa (free through google) and I can upload them now via a link to the blog post and it doesn't use anymore space on Google. :)

Carol said...

I used all my space on Picasa and finally had to break down and buy some more storage space - I'm getting ready to down load all my photo's to my external hard drive and delete them from the computer memory - I can print pictures from the hard drive if I want "hard" copies - I also converted my blog from the two years we were on the road full time to books on Blurb.
Hugs -