Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bus Tour of Rome

Thursday was All Saint's Day and a national holiday in Rome.  There was little traffic and we were able to take a bus tour of some of the sights.  One of our first stops was at the Spanish Steps.  Just like St. Patrick's Well, some of us climbed the steps up, which is all the way to the monument, and down.  I just refuse to give in to my age and titanium hip.  I plan to keep going by "keep on going."  Getting a picture with no one on the steps is a minor miracle.

This is their Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It is called "the wedding cake" and is not well liked by the Italians because the white marble is out of character for the city.  The photo below is their Supreme Court building.

After all the touring we had to decide if we wanted to ride back to the hotel and come back into the city for our farewell dinner or stay in town.  Taking 34 people anywhere without plans is a tough nut to crack but our guide took us to the Hard Rock Cafe.  She talked the management into opening the glass outside building up just for us.  It had started to rain so being warm and dry with some spirits to lift ours, we spent some time until dinner.

Our farewell dinner was another glass enclosed building at the top of the Spanish Steps.  The meal was fabulous and the wine kept flowing.  It was very late when we started back to the bus for our final night at our hotel before our transfer to Civitavecchia.

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