Sunday, November 11, 2012

Days 7-10

Our last stop before crossing the Atlantic was in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. We visited the pyramids which included a lot of info on Thor Heyerdahl's expedition to the area and his excursions to prove that man could follow the trade winds in reed boats and that pyramids found throughout the regions of Peru, Mexico, Spain, Egypt, etc. could all be connected. We also drove to overlooks to view the coastal town from high up.

Our weather has been sunny and pleasant. Thus far we have had extremely calm seas. We passed the Rock of Gibraltar in the middle of the night so we took the captain's word for it. At times we were just off the coast of Africa.

We keep ourselves busy eating, playing cards, eating, playing ship games, eating, playing miniature golf, eating, playing shuffleboard, eating, attending Mass because a priest is onboard, eating, taking Spanish lessons, eating, attending cooking classes, eating, learning origami, eating, etc. After dinner (eating again), we have had fabulous entertainment in the nightly shows.

Traveling with an older group has been challenging. A half dozen have been to the ship's doctor and I have seen many spills both in Rome and on the ship. We have both managed to stay upright so far! The ship has been met by an ambulance at several ports. I hope they all had travel insurance.

We have 3.5 more days at sea. Today we were about 900 miles south of the Azores. This evening we saw our first ship on the horizon. Not much traffic out here. We arrive in Nassau on Thursday.

I will get some photos published once we get home. I need to download my camera onto my computer to post them. We will have Steve and Keith with us until after Thanksgiving but I will try to get them posted quickly.

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