Monday, November 19, 2012

Smooth Sailing

What a terrific crossing! We didn't have wave one crossing the Atlantic.

We spent a beautiful, sunny day in Nassau and then entered the Gulf of Mexico after rounding the Florida Keys. Disembarking was the normal chaos but our bus arrived just as the last of our 14 passengers cleared Customs. It was an easy ride home and it was great to get here.

We started laundry and popped the lasagna I had in the freezer into the oven. It didn't take long for our bedroom to look as if a bomb went off!

We all had our noses in our computers trying to get caught up. Thank goodness for wi-fi that allowed us all to be on line.

Today we ran some errands and toured a bit of the area. Tomorrow we will try to do something touristy for Keith and Steve's enjoyment.

I hope to get some photos posted tomorrow .

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Carol said...

Welcome home and so glad that you had a wonderful crossing. Look forward to seeing all your great pictures. If I don't "see" you before, I hope you and Ted have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!
Hugs -