Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tea Party, Canasta and Cooking

Friday night we went to the Tea Party. I printed tickets out on my printer. They were free instead of $10 because we are "seniors." I'm liking this free stuff. Ted dropped me off with our two chairs while he parked the car. No problems at all. We ran into friends and sat right in front of them where a tree was casting a bit of shade. There was presentation of the colors, Pledge of Allegiance, patriotic music and singing plus speakers. The ones we came to hear were Michael Berry, Laura Ingraham and Andrew Breitbart. The message was basically "Scr*w you, Obama Administration. We don't like your socialistic agenda and we, the people, aren't going to be silent and polite anymore." To prove his point, Andrew asked everyone who was politically involved in 2008 to raise their hands. No one. Then he said "and there are 5,000 of you here tonight." If nothing else, voter apathy is not a problem now. That's good for both sides I guess.

It was a beautiful night and I shook hands with Laura. She raved about where we live and I told her not to mention it on the radio because we have enough people here already. It was later than we anticipated so we stopped at Culver's for a burger before heading home.

Saturday Ted went shooting. We went to Mass, Chik Fil A and then Canasta. Our normal Saturday procedure when we are going "gaming" on Saturday night. We had to come back towards our own neighborhood to play at the home of the Martins. I won 2nd prize, missing 1st by 30 points ... out of over 25,000! Bummer. Even though we only sub in this group, I offered to do November for them since they didn't have a hostess. The problem is they need for someone not to play so we can sub in our own home. Susan will let me know.

With no big plans for Sunday I got the cooking bug. I made goetta and toast for breakfast (no big deal) then proceeded to make beef stew, cornbread and strawberry shortcake, all from scratch, for our dinner Sunday night. This doesn't happen often but Ted enjoys it when it does.

Tomorrow I'm hosting Canasta here for a gal who lives in an apartment and doesn't have room. I only have to get three tables ready. She will bring all the food and drinks. Rebecca cleaned Friday so it's not a big deal.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I've read on Facebook about beautiful weather over most of the U.S. Maybe you had a chance to go leaf peeking where you live.

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