Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween All You Witches and Goblins

I'm sure most of the festivities are over but some places are still trick or treating on the 31st so for those little ones the fun is yet to begin. My family had a big party in Ohio and I saw on Facebook where some didn't get home until 4:30! I can remember those days but I was MUCH younger back then!

Michele and I kept our eyebrow appointment. She did just a few touch ups on mine and then was re-doing Michele's entirely since it had been five years. While it didn't hurt me at all, Michele started fussing right away and she needed more numbing cream. I felt bad because I told her it didn't hurt at all ... and on me it didn't. She was very pleased with them when it was over so that's what matters.

Jay called on Thursday to see what we were up to but Ted had not arrived home from Dallas so we made arrangements to go to Mel's with him, Stella, Tommy and Susan on Friday night. We timed it right because we got the last table for six and by the time we left, the porch was full of people waiting. Mel's is a hole in the wall you would never stop at on a bet. It is where Barbara Walters interviewed the Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins. But their biggest claim to fame is their food. None of it is any good for you but it tastes really good going down. Afterwards we went back to Rayford and had a campfire. It was a NICE fire in that it didn't smoke much and the little bit it did went straight up instead of heading towards me. Rita, Jim and Ed came to sit and we ended up with a big circle around the fire.

Friday morning I met Gerre at the walking trail and we did 5K in just about an hour. We need to shave 12 minutes off that to do the Disney 5K in February. For practice, she and I along with Kara, Kristin and two of Kara's girlfriends are going to do the 5K Family Walk in the Run Thru The Woods on Thanksgiving Day. While the Family Walk will let you take as much time as you need, Disney yanks you if you get off the pace. We are both going to do the trail by ourselves with no talking to see how well we do. I'm not sure she and I could walk together for 48 minutes without talking but if that's what it takes, we'll do it.

Saturday I met four gals at Black Walnut for lunch. We have known each other since I first moved here and we have all gone in different directions. We picked this date awhile back and put it on the calendar so we would make it happen. Of course we did more talking than eating and we decided to meet again in January after the holidays are over. Friends and family are too important to let the busy part of life keep you apart. You need to make it happen.

We went to church and out to eat with Terry and Carol afterwards. It is getting dark so much earlier now and the heat and humidity are pretty much gone. It was so cool in the morning that our heat came on. We have a nifty thermostat that keeps the house between 74 and 65. If it gets hotter than 74, the AC comes on; if it gets below 65 the heat comes on. It didn't stay on long because once the sun comes up it warms up quickly. It got to 80 degrees by afternoon.

If you get any Butterfingers or popcorn balls while you're out there trick or treating, send some my way. My kids used to beg people to give them something else because they knew I would steal these two items out of their bag. Bad Mommy!!

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