Friday, October 22, 2010

Home Again and Paperwork on Truck and Trailer - DONE!

I promised you some pictures once I got home. Here is Ted trying to perfect his delivery on the Wii bowling game.

Here's a panorama of the Red Hat luncheon. I'm practicing with my panorama feature on my new camera.

Here are the HitchHikers all in a row. Ours is the first one on the right with our new truck parked in front of it. We had almost 80 rigs but that's really down from the 20o+ that attended in Missouri and Oklahoma the times we attended. The 2008 was cancelled because it was to be held here and Ike messed that up. We chose not to go to Illinois last year but we are going next year to Tennessee.

This is a shot of the potluck we had in the pavilion next to our site. My pork loin and yeast rolls were all gone so I guess everyone liked them.

We didn't have to be at the rec hall until 11 o'clock on Thursday for a talk by Sherry and Kevin, her son, on where the HitchHiker International Group is going. When Don and Dolores finished their contract with NuWa, no new wagonmasters were hired. This put a tremendous burden on Sherry & Larry's company who worked so closely with them. With Larry's passing, it became an even bigger job for Sherry and Kevin. They did a great job pulling it all together. Granted, different chapters of HitchHikers jumped in to help but I think that's a good thing. So for now we are scheduled into Lebanon, TN (outside Nashville) next September.

Ted and I went to the bank and out to lunch. When we returned it was time for the ice cream social and the Wii bowling roll off. Ted made it into the finals but came in third. The winning man bowled 202, the winning lady 208. We enjoyed the Wii so much we are considering getting one for ourselves. We just received our American Express Rewards Christmas catalogue. We may just treat ourselves to a Wii, Bose Sound Deck IPod player, a Flip video recorder and a Nook or Kindle for me. I don't think we've used any AE points since the late 90s when we used them for our Alaskan cruise. Maybe it's time.

There was a Texas BBQ for dinner followed by a 3 piece group entertaining. We stayed until 9 but I was tired because I got up so early and Ted wanted to watch The Mentalist so we left. This is the line for our BBQ dinner.

We buttoned up this morning, bid our farewells and were home in the house before 10:30. So of course laundry and mail took center stage. I am happy to report that the check from Goodyear arrived. They reimbursed us for the RV damage repair, the G tire so we could move the RV back into storage, the two nights at Rayford campground and the four H tires we had put on the trailer. We had to pay for the new rims. That took care of the trailer. In the mail also was our truck title. We had received a letter from Ford saying our truck was paid in full but we hadn't yet received the title. Now that's all done. Next on the agenda is inspection of my car and we should be done for a year. The EZ tag and insurance were all taken care of previously. I dislike getting mired in paperwork like that.

We have no weekend plans other than getting everything back where it belongs. Ted is going to Austin next week and I have a trip to Orange, TX scheduled. Another busy week ahead.

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