Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hanging Out in Montgomery

Last Friday Ted drove the trailer to the park and I stayed behind getting my things together and drove up in my car. I needed it for my trips back home this week.

Ted had great fun Friday through Monday driving the golf cart and parking people. I told him I could get him a workamping position doing that but he said he wasn't looking for another career. It gave him lots of time to sit and BS with all the guys from the Owner's Forum while they waited for arrivals.

Twenty of us went to dinner Friday night at Vernon's Catfish. They did a great job with such a big group. Some had never had chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken let alone fried okra! I had grilled catfish.

On Saturday night we took over 60 people to the Opry. We sent them in three different waves so it wouldn't overwhelm the little cafe. We heard many compliments and no complaints about the home cooking. Everyone loved the show. Of course Joel told them this was the most fun they were going to have in a metal building in the middle of a cow field. We were recognized twice from the stage and everyone joined in the whooping and hollering.

We drove to Plantersville to St. Mary's on Sunday to a little wooden church built 100 years ago by German immigrants. It is painted so beautifully inside and reminded us of The Painted Church near Kona, Hawaii. I've never been to the Painted Churches out near Schulenberg and it's really something we should take the time to do.

We ordered pizza for the Haulin' HitchHikers for Sunday night and everyone gathered in a pavilion next to our site. It's a good group and a nice size that allows you to meet everyone. We know many of them from other rallies.

Monday I drove in to play bunco with my group. It was afternoon before I returned. That evening we had our Haulin' HitchHiker meeting and potluck, again in the pavilion next to us.

Afterwards there was a welcome meeting for the entire rally group but I snuck out and watched Dancing With The Stars. I figured no one would miss me but Ted said several people asked where I was. I'll go to tonight's entertainment but I probably will miss Wednesday. It's Survivor night you know!

Today is the men's Greasy Hat Luncheon and the ladies Red Hat luncheon. I've borrowed a hat from Wanda my neighbor and will wear that with a red shirt. Ted checked in with the dealers and they are all still on board to bring their 2011 dually pick ups for the men to check out. They will also speak at the luncheon about the new urea tanks required on the trucks and all their features.

I've taken a few pictures but the download is too slow here so I'll publish them after I get home. I still think there's a country western song to be written about rallies. Sort of "you can't get drunk on Saturday night 'cause all the rigs look alike."

Until later.

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cdm said...

Donna - you should be a song writer - I'm sure you would be a hit! (Oh, do you know who got voted off last night - I wasn't able to see it!) Have fun at the rally!