Friday, October 8, 2010

First Week as an Official Senior Citizen

Well, this isn't so bad. I don't look or feel any different. So far, so good.

We came home Tuesday from San Antonio without incident. Instead of going to Rayford to unload and clean, I put everything in the truck and cleaned before we left. The only thing to get out at the storage place were the refrigerator/freezer items. The truck backseat was filled. I always try to leave our arrival day and the next day free so I can get through the laundry, mail and put things away. This is exactly what I did the rest of Tuesday and all day Wednesday.

Thursday morning I attended the Continental Coffee Club. I'm a chairperson but miss so many gatherings because of being gone. The gal who hosted had the most beautiful yard and lovely Halloween decorations up. Her food and drink selections were extraordinary. I don't know where some of these gals get all their energy. Maybe if I stayed home more .....

I left there and headed to the dry cleaner where I took a pair of slacks to be hemmed that I am going to wear to the wedding in Cincinnati. They are very full and it is hard to tell whether I'm wearing slacks or a long skirt. I feel the outfit is dressy enough for a wedding. I'm doing a reading so I have to walk to the altar while everyone watches. Argghhh!

Last night I was invited to the country club by Susan for a Pearl Party. It sure was classy. The whole dining room was done up in white and black as if for a banquet. The chairs were covered in white with big black bows on the back. There were candles and white fresh flowers as centerpieces on mirrored tiles. Each place had a small white box tied with a black ribbon. Inside was a pair of 8.5mm pearl earrings for each person.

There was an open bar, beef tenderloin and rolls, wrapped asparagus, spinach triangle pies and luscious fig and pear wraps. The fellow gave a 10 minute talk on growing and harvesting pearls, how they are made into jewelry and how to take care of them. Then they gave away five nice prizes and you were free to shop ... or get up and leave. A great evening at no cost.

I did buy a gift for my sister-in-law but I didn't need anything. Mary told me at our age need has nothing to do with it. If we wait until we "need" something we won't spend another dime in this lifetime. That's probably true but I still didn't buy myself anything.

Today Rebecca is cleaning and we plan to attend the Tea Party at the Town Center Park tonight. It will probably be a mob scene so I'm not sure if we'll be successful in finding a parking spot and a place to stand. I'll let you know next time.

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