Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Weather is Here in San Antonio

We bid goodbye to our friends in Mission and then continued to enjoy our private Garden of Eden for two more days. I never realized how spring-like fall was in the valley.

We went to the grocery and did laundry on Friday but on Saturday we went to Palmfest at the McAllen Convention Center. What a beautiful building and grounds. We didn't know what to expect but it was free with free parking so we thought we would check it out.

There were many booths and we found a few more places to visit next time we're down there. We also won a visor, two water bottles, a bag clip, etc. at different company booths. We saw a magician, a guitarist and sat on bales of hay eating a sandwich while a Tejano band played.

There were things for sale and I bought a necklace. Ted looked at the Dodge Ram 3500 but didn't tell the salesperson he just bought a Ford F-350! It was sort of a fair, fiesta, carnival, home & garden show all in one.

We left at 3:30 to go to church at 4:00. Fr. Roy made it down the aisle with his walker to a great round of applause. Of course three dogs circling him didn't make his trip any easier. He told us Auggie (his main dog) has cancer. Then he pointed to another black lab who is Auggie's brother and said "Chunkly hasn't been to Mass in 9 years but he's been coming ever since my surgery. So if a dog can figure out in times of need you should turn to God, don't give up on your kids!" Instead of a cowboy song at the collection we heard Jimmy Stewart reading "A Dog Named Beau" that he read on Johnny Carson's show in the 80s. We're going to miss Fr. Roy next Sunday.

We left Mission Sunday morning and drove 281 north into San Antonio. Once we got set up Ted went to register at the World 75th Skeet Shoot. We cooked hamburgers on the grill and watched Amazing Race.

I cleaned the RV Monday (my 65th birthday!) while Ted shot in the morning. He came home for lunch and then we went back late afternoon for him to shoot his second round. Unfortunately he didn't do so well and we were able to leave for dinner right away. No shoot off. After a nice dinner at the JB Brewhouse we came home to watch Dancing With The Stars (and the football game during commercials!).

It doesn't sound like much of a birthday but it was great. Thanks to Facebook I heard from over 50 friends and relatives. Three girls I started kindergarten with in 1950 sent me wishes, friends from OH, MI, FL and TX did too. Nieces, nephews, godchildren, all sorts of relatives chimed in. I loved every minute of it.

Today we head for home. We'll put the RV away for about 10 days and then head to Montgomery, TX for the HitchHiker International rally. Since we're part of the Haulin' HitchHikers group, we have work to do at the rally so we'll be there a full week. We have over 30 attending the Opry Saturday night and a nice number for the Stampin' Up class. The golf cart rentals are in place so we can lead people to their site when they arrive.

Fall is in the air here in San Antonio and by the temperature at home, it's probably the same.

October's Party
Author: George Cooper
October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came-
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.

The Chestnuts came in yellow,
The Oaks in crimson dressed;
The lovely Misses Maple
In scarlet looked their best;
All balanced to their partners,
And gaily fluttered by;
The sight was like a rainbow
New fallen from the sky.

Then, in the rustic hollow,
At hide-and-seek they played,
The party closed at sundown,
And everybody stayed.
Professor Wind played louder;
They flew along the ground;
And then the party ended
In jolly "hands around."

I may have shared this with you all in the past but it's worth repeating. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Juju and Harry said...

so glad you guys had such a great time. I agree the weather is prefect. I am on face book, friend me, so we can chat.