Monday, May 25, 2009

No Sightseeing For A Few Weeks Yet

On Friday Ted drove the RV over to Rayford, Rebecca cleaned the house and I loaded up the Expedition twice and took it all to the campground. When I arrived the first time, Ted was under a trailer, in the middle of a road, laying on his back. A fellow had pulled in and ran over a boulder and drug it under his trailer half way into the campground. Fortunately, it didn't tear up anything but was hung up. Ted was holding the pipes up and pushing with his legs while the other guy pulled. They got it out, Billy put the rock back and the guy went to his site!

On my second trip the phone rang and it was my niece Jesse from Lafayette, LA. She and her boyfriend were coming to Houston and wanted to "crash on our couch." It wasn't convenient but I said OK. They didn't arrive until 6:30 pm on Saturday because they stopped to visit some friends. They had plans to meet some other friends later on. When they realized how far out we lived they decided to just stay with friends. Easy company! They met us at the campground, took a ride to the house for Jesse to see the trunk her great-great grandfather used to come from Germany in the 1880s. Of course Joe wanted to see all of Ted's "toys" and then they were gone.

Sunday we went to 7:30 am Mass and afterwards Ted took off for the Houston Gun Club to shoot in a tournament. I used the time to get my bills and things in order. I had lots of paper in my pouch and I needed to get it in order so I don't forget something important. In the afternoon Stella and I played Candy Bar Bingo and she won 20 candy bars. I was glad I didn't win! She has her two grandsons so the candy will disappear quickly.

The park served chili dogs indoors because rain threatened. Our group arrived before the downpour which caused us to miss out on some great desserts that came in later! We sat out in the breezeway for the rest of the evening. Most of the RVs will be pulling out today and we'll prepare for our departure tomorrow.

We have a 10 am appointment in Lufkin at Bailey's RV and then will travel on to Texarkana for overnight. Second night hopefully is Sikeston, MO and then we plan on arriving in Cincinnati on Thursday for a week.

We're with family and friends until June 14 when we arrive at the IRV2 rally in Mount Eaton, OH. This is Amish country so I promise to start taking pictures that will make this blog more interesting. Maybe I can get one like we saw two years ago - a horse and buggy at the hitching post of a Pizza Inn!

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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