Saturday, May 30, 2009


I tried to download a few pictures to share but my computer isn't recognizing the camera as a device. The camera seems to be fine. I can take pictures, erase them, view them and show them on the TV. So we assume the camera is OK unless there is some setting that accidentally was turned off or on. We used another camper's USB cord and it still didn't recognize the camera. So we are concerned about the two USB ports though it seems unlikely they both would go at the same time. I tried using my EOS Utilities, Picasa 3 import and just looking under Computer. No device shows other than the hard drive and disk drive. I put a call into my son-in-law to ask him the best way to check the USB ports and for anything else he can think of. If you have any ideas, send them along.

My first picture is of the Jelly Belly motorhome. The people are here for some shindig at Jungle Jim's. They have a car all painted with Sunkist candies too. Quite colorful. The lady gave each of us two packs of Jelly Belly candies. They were checking in when we were. Then I have a picture of Donna, Cookie, Donna, Donna - the four of us had lunch at LaRosa's yesterday. It was a three hour lunch and we'll be seeing each other Wednesday night when some of the grade school fellows join the larger group. I also learned my high school class is meeting every other month for lunch but I won't be here for that in July.

We weren't hungry for dinner so about 8:30 we went into Lawrenceburg for a United Dairy Farmer malt. Now my trip is complete. We've had Skyline chili, LaRosa's pizza and a UDF malt. Once I buy my Glier Goetta for breakfast, life will be totally good. Kara wants us to bring goetta to her but our freezer is pretty full because we have six pounds of Chappell Hill sausage for Rick and Brenda. I'll buy it right before we leave and just refrigerate it. Then Kara can freeze it ... so we can work this out. This is a very normal routine for Cincinnatians returning for a visit. They all go for Graeter's ice cream too but I'm a Blue Bell convert so I don't have to use valuable freezer space for that.

We're going to church at 4:30 and meeting Ted's family for dinner at 6:00. I hope we can get this download question solved because I can't imagine seeing all we have planned without sharing the photos with you all.

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