Sunday, May 17, 2009

A First For Us

We attended the memorial service for Sam at the First Baptist Church of Katy, TX. Neither of us can remember attending a funeral in a Protestant church. We've been surrounded by Catholics our entire life (until our move to Texas) and we are having new experiences. There have been two other funerals here in Texas at the Methodist church that we would have attended had we been in town. It was a lovely service and the church was filled to honor Sam.

We took the expressway to Katy but came home the back way through Waller and Magnolia. This is the route we take when pulling the RV west. It takes a little longer but is so much better on the nerves! We stopped in Magnolia at Las Fuentes for a very late lunch/early dinner. They have the best Mexican food around.

We were home in time to fix our appetizer, change clothes and go to Wind Down at Mary and Allen's house. He is an artist and their home is filled with beautiful paintings he has done. He also built a wonderful deck and arbor that was used by many throughout the evening. Ted had a few beers and I had two glasses of wine. We were both full from our Mexican meal and didn't even look at the food.

Saturday was another shooting day for Ted but he went to Conroe and not Houston. It was going to be a somber day at the Houston Gun Club I'm sure. There was a charitable shoot and Ted and his friend Pat shot a round for it. They each got a chance on a new gun. A little after 3:00 our phone rang and it was Pat saying that he had won the gun. Ted was so happy for him.

We had reservations for four at the Opry but in the afternoon Gloria called and said she was sick and had to beg off. We decided to go to church at St. Matthias in Magnolia, try the new Italian restaurant out there and go on to the Opry by ourselves.

It was a fantastic show. The entertainment quality has improved a lot since Joel purchased the theater. His wife Wendy sings so beautifully. You would never know she has five sons, helps cook the food for the cafe and then gets ready to perform. We were glad we decided to go and not cancel because Gloria and Al were unable to attend.

I'll be getting things together today to take to the RV. We have a fairly busy week ahead. My bunco group meets tomorrow, we are going to dinner with Terry & Carol on Tuesday before we take off for the summer, Wednesday night is the play Grey Gardens at the Stages Repertory Theater downtown with Karen and Dave and then my neighborhood ladies' luncheon is Thursday.

We have decided to load the trailer at Rayford rather than while it is parked in storage. The motorhome next to us is in at a bit of an angle this time and it's a tight squeeze. So Ted will drive the RV to Rayford and I'll bring the Expedition loaded down.

Because we have so much room, there are lots of things going with us to be delivered to family up north. And there is a garage sale during the IRV2 rally so Ted has a few items for that. We should be "lighter" when we head west once all these things have been disbursed.

As the minister told us at Sam's funeral, we should attempt each day to live our life with the "Lord as our shepherd" so one day we will "dwell in the house of the Lord." paraphrased Psalm 23.


jillquilts said...

Wow! You guys really are busy!! Now that I have your blog, I'll be able to keep up with you! :)

Juju and Harry said...

Well you guys keep having fun. You get a chance check out Harrys and mine blog. We are in Idaho having a great time
love Juju and Harry