Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Days and Counting

I'm amazed how quickly our departure date is approaching. We will spend Memorial Day at Rayford with Barb & Mike and Jay & Stella. Then we'll take off on Tuesday. Our first stop is at Bailey's in Lufkin to have the furnace looked at. It won't ignite so we either have a propane blockage or an igniter problem. No one seems to think it's a big deal either way. Then we'll travel on to Texarkana. We plan to arrive in Cincinnati on Thursday.

I did have lunch on Friday with Sue Anne as planned. We came back and visited until around 4:30 so it was a nice amount of time to be together. Ted was watching the golf tournament in the family room so she and I sat in what I refer to as my "dumb little room." It is a sitting area off the foyer that seldom gets used. It comes in handy for a fourth table for Canasta and when the kids are here, I move the square coffee table in there from between the two couches so they have room to play in the family room. Morgan likes to play dolls on the moved coffee table though but it gives Sam more room to be rambunctious.

Ted went shooting on Saturday, then we went to church at 5:00 and played Canasta as planned. It was a good group and I had a very nice time. I ended up winning for losing. I had the lowest score and won our $10 back. Two of the four games my partner and I had no wild card Canasta and that kills your score. The food and wine were both great and I'm glad we were asked to play.

Sunday was Mother's Day and we went out to breakfast. The restaurant was very busy. We were sitting with coffee waiting for our food and the waitress stopped and asked if we wanted our check. Ted said he would rather have our food first ... and maybe a coffee refill! We got a good laugh out of that. Later on she asked the table across from us if she could get them anything. Their response was the same as ours ... the food!

Ted left around 2:00 to catch a plane to Ohio and later on I went to Terry & Carol's for a dinner to celebrate our friend Dave's birthday. Last year he had a big bash at the country club that we attended. This year it was just seven of us but equally as nice a celebration.

When I came home I watched the finale to The Amazing Race on the DVR. I wanted the deaf boy and his mother to win but it didn't happen. I think they could have used the million dollars more than the two attorneys but they all played the game well.

Today I am playing Canasta again and Ted will be home this evening. I am taking three of my neighbors to the Harwin area tomorrow and before you know it, another week will have passed. Until then ...

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