Thursday, May 21, 2009

See Ya Down The Road

Tomorrow we will be taking the RV to Rayford for Memorial Day Weekend and then heading out on Tuesday morning. I know we'll be back and forth as we get things we forgot or bring back things we don't need. However, I KNOW somewhere down the road I'll be needing something and have to call home to have it sent or taken care of from here.

I played bunco on Monday for the last time until September but I didn't win. The weather has been so pleasant with our cold front (i.e., not in the 90s!) that we even had a table on the patio in Marleah's absolutely gorgeous yard. She does all the gardening and it is truly lovely.

Tuesday I never even got dressed until it was time to meet Terry & Carol for dinner. We met them at Saltgrass Steak House. It amazes us how hard it is for just the four of us to get together. They are leaving Sunday for Alabama and Florida for three weeks. One of their grandchildren is graduating high school. They'll stop to visit Kristin while in the Daytona Beach area. She'll be delighted to see them and show off all that has been accomplished in her new house.

Last night we attended Stages Repertory Theater's production of the musical Grey Gardens. They did a fantastic job. We were in the first row of what is an intimate theater and sometimes the actors talked right to us. We had dinner at, as the T-shirt says, "Beavers south of Hooters." I kid you not! Enough said. I had a Texas Trash Can Punch and Dave & Karen had Breckenridge IPA and Left Hand Sawtooth beer. That was different.

Today was the last neighborhood luncheon I'll be attending until September. We went to a Hunan restaurant and I had sweet and sour chicken that was very good. Afterwards our carload went to Pickett Fences and I bought a stand for a handmade pottery plate I bought a few years ago in Nappanee, Indiana. The stand I was using caused it to sit very precariously so I felt this one with longer legs would be more stable.

I'll try to keep my notes up as we travel. I also promise some interesting pictures. This journal is to document my day to day life so I include what is important to me. I appreciate your following along even when the subject isn't of particular interest to you. Hang in there, it's much easier to write when we're traveling and have great pictures to share.


jillquilts said...

Those drinks sound interesting!! I hope they were good! I'm going to have to see when Grey Gardens will be on HBO again. You have me intrigued about the movie.

Juju and Harry said...

Hey guy's we are doing well have spent the last 2 days in Yellowstone, having such a great time. Ya'll be safe and hope to see ya soon.