Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Wrap Up Weekend

We received requests for some meds and a special purse from Progreso so we made another trip over to Mexico. This is the city monument as you walk off the bridge.

We went to the same pharmacy to get the requested meds and I bought some Amoxycillin and Septra to keep on hand while we're traveling in case a need arises. Last year I had to call my doctor in Texas for a Septra prescription when I developed a UTI. I hope we don't need to use any of them. It will be worth the $9 to be able to flush them away in a year.

The purse created quite a story. I found a big one as requested by my sister-in-law for $20 but wanted to walk a few blocks to see if any others were available. After several blocks on either side we came upon a man with smaller versions on his arm. I told him "necessito un muy grande." My version of "I need a bigger one" - probably close but probably not quite accurate. He understood though and motioned for me to follow him. He took me back to the same girl and said the purse was $28. I told him I already had a price of $20 and the girl nodded agreeing with me. He dropped to $22 and Ted said $20. He said $21 and Ted said $20. Ted gave him $20 but he kept arguing. So I put the purse down and Ted reached to take his $20 back. The man didn't want that so he sort of relented and I took the purse. He kept following us saying he needed $1 and then 50 cents as "commission." We all just kept going and finally he told Ted he was a "cheep-a-skate." This sent us into gales of laughter. We walked across the bridge and this time stopped for the two for $2 banana splits. They were made in one half of a hot dog styrofoam container and were just enough.

We came back to the RV for lunch and then headed west to the Los Ebanos Ferry. This is a hand pulled ferry that takes three cars and however many foot passengers are there. It only takes a few minutes to get to the other side and we didn't even disembark, just rode the ferry back. We told Jay and Stella they had taken a "Mexican cruise" and I had a picture to prove it.

We came home for dinner and we all sat outside with Tom & Judy and neighbor Ivan until it got dark and the wind picked up. Cheep-a-skate and I called it a night.

Saturday there was a parkwide garage sale. Ted and I walked all around. He bought a sander he needs to use on some rolls of paper that got wet up in Fort Worth and I bought two brand new pairs of shoes for Kelly for $2. They were $2 and $1 but the lady told me to just give her $2. Another good buy!

We had skipped breakfast so we could eat at Gonzales, a favorite winter Texas burger place. They are open from 11-2 six days a week and only serve hamburgers that are six inches across! I couldn't begin to eat a whole one but everyone else finished theirs. We arrived at 10:50 and didn't get our burgers for almost an hour. This place is POPULAR and BUSY and certainly well worth the visit.

In the afternoon we went to find the Chevrolet museum located in the Knapp Chevrolet dealership ... except it is now Gillman which caused some consternation. Then we found the cars had been moved and we went in search of them. We found them but the museum is not open yet. Ted, who always thinks it is easier to seek forgiveness than permission, tried the side door and just walked in. We met Mr. Cooley who owned Knapp and owns the cars. There were several Corvettes, an El Camino and a 29 Chevrolet there but most are still in storage as they prepare the display space. Mr. Cooley was quite a character and we talked for a long time. We promised him we would come back next year.

We returned to the park and prepared to leave for the Chicken House Opry. They served a brisket sandwich, beans and drink before the show. I really enjoyed it because they had skits, comediennes, cowboy poets as well as music and singing. Ted was all excited because one performer did T for Texas a Jimmie Rodgers song and then sang another song mentioning Jimmie Rodgers. I knew he would talk to him at intermission and he did. I really enjoyed the evening.

Sunday we went to the San Juan Shrine again for the English Mass. It was still a mixture of English, Spanish and Latin but we're getting good at this. There are 10 mariachi members in the band. They are all dressed in burgundy and gold and are very good.

We came home and had breakfast and then headed to Borderfest in Hidalgo.

We saw the animal show, the steel drum band, a pipe and drum corp, and a few others. We visited the Kraft booth and received one of the new fabric shopping bags, a package of jello, Ritz crackers, Oreo cookies and Capri Sun. I had my picture take with the Kool-Aid pitcher but it's not on line yet. Then we went to Colgate Palmolive and received Irish Spring, Colgate toothpaste and Irish Spring bath gel. We were given a chance to spin a wheel and I won a $20 HEB card! Stella wanted a funnel cake but changed her mind when she learned they were $6. We decided for that we could eat out. We ended up at Martha's outside our park and got home in time to watch Amazing Race. Our time is growing short.

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