Saturday, March 14, 2009

This and That

Here's the picture the Kraft people took at Borderfest of me and the Kool-Aid pitcher. I didn't think it was a real person but it was!

For those of you worrying about us smuggling drugs, let me clarify that it is OK to bring non-narcotic drugs sold without prescriptions in Mexico across the border. My daughter was worried about having to come bail us out of jail on one side of the river or the other. We declare them at customs and there is no problem.

Ted got up early Wednesday to take the truck to be washed and waxed. He arrived to no one being there. Eventually one fellow came who didn't speak English. Since Ted's Spanish isn't as good as mine; i.e., I can use my hands to talk much better, he gave up and came back to the park.

We pulled out about 10:30 and headed to Victoria. We have found this town almost maddening to navigate. There were three maps of the city on three different campground ads and they all were different! There is a circle freeway that was referred to as 463, 483 and 77. One map indicated it is a proposed road (it is finished). Then there is 77, 77 business, 59 and 59 business. We eventually made our way to north of town to the park. Since there was no fuel north of us until Hallettsville we decided to unhitch to fuel up and eat dinner out.

There is no recession in Victoria! We went to Texas Roadhouse and there wasn't an empty table in the whole place on a Wednesday night. And they stayed full the whole time we were there.

We woke up to drizzle and left the park about 8:30 Thursday morning. The further we went, the harder it rained and the colder it got. We tried a new way, 77 straight north to Giddings and east on 290. There is a bridge under construction the other way we go and it was very close between the concrete barriers. We decided not to mess with that again. We pulled into the storage place about 12:15 so it was just as quick a way to come. My Expedition was parked in our spot so I backed it out, Ted parked the RV and we loaded up our things and headed home.

Friday was absolutely miserable and I never ventured out. I don't think it got much above 50 and it rained all day. Saturday morning the rain stopped and Ted was able to shoot skeet before it started again. He came home and we went to Sam's to get a new phone set. Our phones are six years old and giving us trouble. We got one with three handsets working off one base so we're back in business.

We heard from our daughter who attended Anne's funeral in Cincinnati. She was so proud of her Irish heritage and she also always wore a hat to match her outfit. So she was buried in a green blazer with her hat sitting in the casket. Her flowers were belles of Ireland and the ribbons were white with shamrocks. The hat was placed on the casket as it was rolled down the aisle for Mass. There was no visitation and no graveside service at her request. What she did request was a shot of Jack Daniels for everyone at her wake and that's just what they did. I can't begin to tell you how much she will be missed.

I have a pot of tortellini soup cooking for dinner. It's still cold and wet outside and just a good soup night. We are staying in and hoping for better weather. The bluebonnets are blooming all along 242 but you wouldn't know it was spring by the temperature. Maybe we left the valley too early!!

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