Friday, March 6, 2009

Settled In

We've been staying a little closer to home the past few days. Wednesday we went back to the fruit market for more pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit and oranges. Then we went looking for the ropa nuevos. Ropa usadas have a mixture of clothes in a huge pile sold by the pound and ropa nuevos are mostly new clothes hung on racks, sort of a Mexican version of T J Maxx, Marshall's and Ross. We saw new Levi jackets and jeans for $3 and Haggar ($60 & $70), Lee and Docker slacks for $2. I bought 4 pairs of slacks (Dockers and Lee), a sweater, 2 blouses, a dress for Morgan, handkerchiefs for Ted, all brand new for $19. We've decided we need to come to the valley once a year to buy our clothes at the ropas and our medicine in Mexico so we will be able to afford retirement under Obama and his great giveaway programs. We stopped at Furr's Buffet for a late lunch/early dinner on the way home.

Thursday a fellow Texas Boomer came for a visit. Bob was here on business and stopped by before he headed to Laredo. At lunchtime he invited all of us to join him but we were waiting for a fellow who was to wash and wax our RV due here at 1 p.m. They left and returned before the fellow ever showed up and then he decided it was too windy and he couldn't do it so we rescheduled for next Tuesday when he will do Jay's also. Ted tackled the DTV boxes and got the second one hooked up. Now they both have boxes and we can get separate channels on each one. Thank you to Rick for the wiring set up that made it possible.

I invited Jay & Stella to share our meatballs and spaghetti for dinner and they accepted. We aren't provided a picnic table so we use the small table we travel with. However, it doesn't allow a lot of room to sit dishes on. We had our salads and garlic bread then had to take things away to serve the rest. Stella made a sugar free white chocolate pie for dessert.

Thursday is our big TV night with Survivor, CSI and ER so we all went in right at 7 pm. We're already into our second week and we have a busy weekend planned. Stay tuned for info on the Chicken Opry, Borderfest and the HitchHiker Winter Texan luncheon.

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