Sunday, March 1, 2009

This Side of the Border

Friday we followed Jay's GPS which took us to the city hall of Donna, TX, not the post office. We decided their sign was probably better than the USPS one so we took our picture there.

Then we went to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge for Jay and Stella's Senior Passes for national parks and COE camping. We watched the video, took in several displays and stood by the bird feeders for a little while but didn't see any special birds.

Then it was off to Pepe's on the River. The old one has closed down and there is a brand new one next door. No more "all you can eat catfish and shrimp" and pitchers of Margartias are now $12 but we still had a ball. Ted and I put our waltz lessons from the cruise into practice and waltzed to "Waltz Across Texas With You." I love that song and was so pleased that they played it while we were there. Since it was Friday we had the catfish and shrimp dinner. I wouldn't have asked for any more but Ted said he would have had some more shrimp if it was still all you can eat. This is the view across the Rio Grande looking at Mexico.

Then we went in search of the ropa usadas. These are warehouses filled with literally mountains of clothes. There is everything there imaginable for sale by the pound. One of Ted's RV net reviewers got a full length mink and a silver fox coat for 45 cents a pound. I was amazed that they used a construction front end loader to add clothes to the mountain. Some are new with tags, some have dry cleaner tags, others are over runs, etc.

I found a pair of Thinsulate gloves, a Docker golf shirt, lined black pants (for a friend - they were size 4), a pair of slacks with tags still on them for my daughter, a robe and two blouses. Grand total $2.25. If even just one of the items works out, it was a bargain and the most 15 minutes of fun I've had in a long time. There are other buildings with things on racks that we may find time to visit. Rumor has it they have lots from JCP and Kohl's. It will need to be a big bargain to beat my last trip.

We eventually came back to the campground tired but happy with our day's adventures.

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