Sunday, March 1, 2009

Across the Border

After 96 degrees on Friday, Saturday dawned cold and rainy. We had breakfast at the rally hall here in the park and then left for the Don-Wes flea and produce market. Ted wanted to have our cedar sign repainted and sanded by the guy who made it and we wanted to buy some produce. We bought lots of good things to eat.

The weather cleared so we took everything back to the RV and left for Progreso, Mexico. Jay and Stella went to the pharmacy for their prescription drugs. I forgot my Lipitor so got enough to last until I get home. We stopped at the liquor store and got a couple bottles then walked back across the bridge. We had our passports with us and after June 2009 it will be mandatory that you have a passport.

We went to Martha's Restaurant next to the park for dinner and then stopped at the rally hall to play bingo. I got in trouble for not wearing my badge. They gave me one to wear so I was Larry L. from Tennessee for the games. Then Ted banged his bingo card to remove the red windows from over the numbers and the whole crowd yelled at him. Stella and I were in hysterics laughing. We figured we would get thrown out for disrupting the games. We think we're too "immature" to fully appreciate these types of parks! Stella won $1 and that was all the winning that was done.

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