Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Great Camping Weekend

The funeral luncheon scheduled at church earlier in the week was canceled so I had a few days to myself. I cleaned the linen closet and wrapped packages of the "bargains" from the valley and Mexico for my daughter and my sister-in-law and took them to the post office. I finished the ironing and kept my hair and nail appointments.

On Thursday I attended my neighborhood ladies' luncheon in Old Town Spring. They have decided that we should each choose a "pal" and just buy a gift for that person for their birthday and Christmas instead of everyone receiving a present from everyone else. So I won't need to use the rally room at Rayford for the October luncheon. We'll have enough room at any restaurant.

On Friday we left for our weekend at Rayford. There were 35-40 rigs in for Jay's retirement as the Houston area leader of the Texas Boomers. We arrived around noon and visited with those that had arrived. We chose to stay in for dinner and had crab cakes and cheese ravioli because of Lent.

Saturday started with a potluck breakfast in the rally room. Camping World was represented and several door prizes were given as well as bags that contained nice gifts for each rig in attendance . The whole day was devoted to Jay's time with the Boomers and specifically his time as Houston area leader. In the afternoon LeAnne and I went shoe shopping. When we returned, we rehearsed a skit Ted and I were performing.

Madame Boomer had asked members to send in retirement jokes that could be used at the party. She sent them to me and asked if Ted and I would put them together into a skit as part of the entertainment. LeAnne and Bob helped us with props and music and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

After a great brisket/pulled pork/sausage/turkey dinner from PitMaster, a DVD was shown of the past several years of Boomer activities. It's amazing how quickly the years have passed and it was heartwarming to see the pictures and heartbreaking to see those we have lost over the years. All in all, it was a great party.

We had decided to stay Sunday night too so I would have time to clean the RV really good. After church we had LeAnne and Jim over for breakfast and then I started on the inside. I did a good thorough cleaning. There was an ice cream social mid afternoon and we attended since we ate breakfast late and it would carry us to dinner. Only Jay & Stella went with us.

Ted questioned what we would have for dinner Sunday since we hadn't planned to stay over. I reminded him we had hot dogs and buns that were used as props in the skit and a can of Wolf chili plus some shredded cheese I had used in my breakfast casserole. Besides Jay & Stella and LeAnne & Jim, Pauline & Bernest stayed over too. So we pooled our food and had chili dogs, beans and fritos for dinner along with a bottle of Riesling that had been left behind in the rally room refrigerator.

The wind started to get cool and everyone had TV shows they wanted to watch so everyone headed back to their own RV. We will probably get a chance to say goodbye to Jay & Stella in the morning but Pauline and Bernest have to go to work and Jim & LeAnne have a 9 o'clock appt. so we probably will be gone by the time they return. We have no camping plans until the end of May. Right now we are leaning toward spending Memorial Day at Rayford and heading to Cincinnati on Tuesday, May 26. That could easily change so stay tuned.

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