Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gearing Up To Go Again

We didn't expect to have much to do while we were home for these three weeks. After all, no one expects us to be here, right? Well I've gone non-stop and Ted has worked a lot up in the Fort Worth/Dallas area trying to get things settled with a new property.

I had lunch with two friends Friday - one whose father is going through the same treatment as Ted and the other who just lost her husband to esophageal cancer. A gruesome connection but it was good to have understanding people to talk to. We had a nice visit and I'm delighted to report Sandy is doing extremely well. She said Terry is sitting on the chair at the computer waiting for the trip to Massachusetts for interment. She said it is fitting because that is where he sat all the time anyway. I was glad to see her so upbeat under the circumstances.

Saturday Ted went shooting and I did some running around. I stopped at Pier One to buy a new wicker table for the front porch since the old one broke its leg! It must have been blown over in a storm. Then on to Sam's to pick up the giant economy size of snacks to take to Destin. I bought four of the big "barrel" containers. I'll take them to the house where my family is staying and then we'll feel free to snack on whatever is out while we're there. I took a chance on the Outlets in Conroe having their summer stuff on sale but there wasn't much there. We went to church at 5 p.m. and then went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. We came home after that.

Sunday I went to the Harwin area of Houston with 4 other gals. This is the wholesale area where you can find just about anything. I got a new plant for the new table on the porch, a clock for the guest bath and a shrug I know I'll use on the cruise in February. We were gone most of the day but Ted had gone shooting again so it didn't matter.

Monday Ted took off for north Texas again and I played Canasta at the biggest home in The Woodlands that I have ever been in. It was absolutely beautiful. I had good cards all four games but some were learning to play and no one paid any attention to score so I don't know how I did overall. We had lunch and it was almost 3:00 before I got home. I had left at 9:00 because I had to pick up two others and then also drop them off.

The cleaning ladies came Tuesday and I spray painted the new wicker table and the chair so it would match for the front porch. White is too stark against our brick so it is an ecru color. I also did all the laundry. I managed to stay out of their way while they cleaned.

Yesterday I had to attend Woodlands Watch Coordinator Updated Training. I am responsible for about 11 houses on our street. Now I have things to give them right before we are ready to leave! Also, the Night Out this year is in October but it is the week we are at the HitchHiker rally in Conroe so I was unable to sign up to help. I stopped at Radio Shack for new phone batteries, dropped some things off at my friend Alicia's, then went to the grocery. It seems I'm getting home late afternoon everyday.

Today I am making a sweet potato casserole and have purchased a 12-pack of canned lemonade for a funeral at church. I have to be there at noon to help serve and clean up. A 46 year old lady died of cancer. Her husband is already dead. That leaves a 16 year old girl with both parents gone. How terribly sad. I'm gone so frequently that anytime they call when I am in town, I try to cook and help out. It's a wonderful ministry to belong to. Tonight is trivia night at the country club. I'll let you know how we do next time I write.

We're not sure just when we're leaving. Our reservation starts next Thursday at Topsail State Park. Ted said something about making a stop in Beaumont at Dow Jones before we go. That would make the trip to Slidell a bit easier as a day's drive.

Until next time, stay cool, travel safely, be kind.

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