Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mrs. Lincoln, me and the play!

I have to back up to Friday in Chuckey, TN. That was the day we found out our repair parts had been overlooked at Nu-Wa and had not been shipped as promised. So we adjusted our traveling schedule hoping to get the work done on Wednesday. So much for that.

The night before, Ted had put up the tailgate of the truck that was parked under the hitch to put the grill away. Anyone who has a 5th wheel knows what I'm going to say next. He forgot to drop it again and pulled the truck out the next morning when we prepared to go visit a museum. The tailgate caught the hitch and bent the latch right out of it. We had to raise the trailer, drive out from under and go to a Ford dealer to have the tailgate opened so we could remove it. They slide right up and out like an oven door. It is still in the bed of the truck but a new V-gate is due here on Friday. So much for that!

We had just arrived at the Fossil Dig when Rick called from our house. The A/C was not working. We got a technician to go out on Saturday and he got the fan blower going but failed to check the compressor. So ... on Sunday we had to have another service call to change the capacitor on the compressor. Tomorrow they are coming to make permanent repairs to the blower motor and fan. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We called FedEx Tuesday morning and they confirmed our parts would be delivered that day. We had three phone conversations with Bailey's in Lufkin before stopping 20 miles north to spend the night. We wanted to be there first thing in hopes we could be on our way early enough to get to Rayford before dark. We had just set up the RV when Ted received a phone call saying they couldn't do our rig the next day. He was fit to be tied and let them know it. The kind campground owner gave us our money back, we drove to Bailey's and left the trailer. Now we have to drive 100 miles up and back on Friday (Lord willing and the creek don't rise!).

We met Rick and Brenda who were now staying at our house since the A/C was working albeit under temporary conditions. During dinner they said we had "bugs" flying around the house. Good! Now what? When we arrived home it took Ted less than a minute to discover the problem. The small freezer in his hobby room had stopped working. There was black gunk on the tile floor, maggots and bugs and putrid food inside. That is now gone and at The Woodlands Recycle center. We're still smacking at "gnat like" bugs because the exterminator is not coming until Monday.

Other than that and the gunshot, Mrs. Lincoln and I liked the play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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