Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ted's Procedure Went Well

I spent most of Monday in restaurants. I met a friend moving back from Calgary and another friend I haven't seen in two months at 2:00 for "tea." Well I had cereal at 7:00 and no lunch so I ordered a salad. At 6:00 we were still there and Ted called to see if I wanted to have dinner with Terry & Carol. I wasn't very hungry but said I would meet them wherever, just call.

So I left one restaurant and drove to another, Casa Imperial. I had one soft chicken taco and one more of those wild berry mojitos. We got home around 9:00. I guess that's not too much food after being in restaurants for 7 hours. Of course Ted would say it is hard to eat while you're talking so much!

But moving on ... We picked Terry up at 6:30 a.m. and drove to Baylor Clinic. We arrived early and Ted was taken in a little late. But then we waited FOREVER for the doctor to come out and talk to us. We had the pictures and findings in the procedure report and everything sounded really good. There was one red spot I noticed but it wasn't velvety and salmon colored like Barrett's, just red. When Dr. Ertan FINALLY came he said he had biopsied that spot and if it is Barrett's he will "touch it up" with the ablator. That would mean another endoscopic procedure. But everything else in the report from his pharynx to the distal duodenum appeared normal.

Dr. Ertan said we should have results of the biopsies in three days and he wants to see us in his office in two weeks for management plans. I'm sure these include continuing the Previcid and at least an annual endoscopy. This ablative therapy is only 3 years old so there's not a track record of what to expect long term. Ted is part of a research study so they will be anxious to follow him in years to come.

I drove the boys home and Terry had to go have some blood work of his own done. We went on to the grocery and came home to have lunch. My next blog will be after we get the biopsy report. Let's keep our fingers crossed and rosary beads going so they are as good as the procedure report.

Thank you all for your support and concern.

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Rick and Brenda said...

Great to hear that Ted's procedure went well, and hope all is well with the bx report. We will keep him in our prayers.