Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back in Cincinnati

We went to dinner last night with Dan and Sue. Their son's family joined us so there were 10 people. The restaurant overlooked the spillway of the lake and the kids had fun watching for fish coming over. There were some dead ones caught on rocks and they sure smelled bad when we went outside to look down the other side. I ordered a petite portion of lasagna. It was maybe a 3 x 3 square, if that. I have to admit it was enough but it sure looked puny when they brought it.

We left the State Park this morning and headed to Gem Tires in Dayton, OH. We arrived just a little after 9 and they were waiting for us. They called Goodyear with our claim number and Goodyear authorized replacement of all our tires. So we have 4 new ones and the new one they bought us last year. They said to send them the RV repair bill when we get it. We're getting a new trailer piece by piece. The State of Michigan bought us a new front panel in 2006, Goodyear bought the passenger side panel in 2007 and now we're getting a new driver side panel in 2008. But enough is enough. We don't want these problems each year. We're just grateful for the Good Sam Road Service, the locations where it has happened (God is watching for our safety) and the wonderful people at NuWa in Chanute, KS who make sure we have what we need for the repair. Here is a picture of the damage.

The trip in was uneventful and we are settled back in at Indian Springs. Ted is washing the RV and I'm getting caught up on correspondence and bills. It's great to have full hook-ups and nice bathrooms again. State park showers usually leave a lot to be desired and without a sewer hook-up they are the only game in town.

We received word that our friend died in Texas from esophageal cancer yesterday. He was in our bunco group and was diagnosed not quite 3 years ago. He was only given 3 weeks to 6 months at that time so he did remarkably well. But at the end he had lost his fight. His quality of life was so low and I'm sure he was simply tired of it all. Our hearts go out to his wife Sandy. We are very sorry that we won't be home for his funeral but we'll certainly have his family in our prayers.

We'll be eating here at the campground alone tonight. That will be a change of pace. This past month has been a whirlwind. Stay tuned. I have wi-fi for a week so I'll be able to keep up. However, we are leaving Friday for Elk Lake but we'll be back on Sunday.

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