Thursday, June 8, 2017

Catching H*ll!

I am catching h*ll from my readers about not keeping up my blog.  There isn't a lot to report but here goes.

Both Kara and Kristin came to be with us.  They were so helpful with coordinating all the appointments, directions, tests, medicine dispensing, etc. as well as keeping the home fires burning and all of us fed. Many meals were brought in so in truth, cooking was minimal.   We all were most grateful for the food and goodies brought to us.

I had an appointment with the hematologist who has ordered blood tests to determine if I have any genetic reason for these clots since there is no apparent reason in my lifestyle.  Next was the cardiologist who did another ultrasound but there was no noticeable change in the DVT.  She has ordered a stress test for July 6.  Then she will see me July 11.

We went to my PCP who is the coordinator of all the "ologists."  He ordered a full CBC, urinalysis to be sure the UTI is gone and a hemocult at home test in lieu of a colonoscopy which wouldn't be wise at the moment.  Only my kreatnine remains a bit high.  That is a kidney enzyme and we will bring it up to the cardiologist to see if I need another ologist!  

Then we went to the GYN for the ultrasound.  It showed an 18mm lining versus a "normal" one of 5mm for my age.  So now we have a biopsy scheduled for 6/16 and Kara and Bill are returning.  Prayers are appreciated on this matter.  Think benign!

PT has been coming twice a week and the visiting nurse once a week.  It is comforting to have professionals checking on my vitals and progress.  I have exercises to do twice a day when PT doesn't come.

So that is where we are medically.  The good news is that I feel fine.  I have been pacing myself but have been able to do small things around the house.  Today I did three small loads of laundry.  In between I lay on the couch and elevate my leg.  My foot, ankle and lower leg had been swollen terribly but in the last two days it is almost normal!  We are hoping the Eliquis is working on the DVT and possibly dissolving it somewhat.  My pulse ox has been 98-99 on room air which is normal so we hope the PE is dissolving too.  

We have had many visitors which has helped pass the time.  And we were invited to Gerre's for dinner after 3 appts. in one day.  I sat in the recliner and promptly fell asleep!  The girls had a great visit and we all had dinner when I woke up.  

We had the front door refinished so now the whole outside is done.  Tree gone, fence repaired and cleaned, roof cleaned, house painted, deck stained and yard totally redone.  At least we will be able to enjoy it all this summer.  Our plans are kaput!

We canceled Pigeon Forge and my family reunion, the 3 days in Nashville, the week in Cincinnati to be able to spend the 4th at Elk Lake, our trip to the factory in Indiana and a week with my brother on Grand Lake.

Instead we will leave the last week in July to make Ted's family reunion in Cincinnati the last weekend in July.  We will drive so we can stop as often as we need to.  The next week we will go to Michigan for Ally's bridal shower the next weekend.  Then come home.

Near the end of September we will take the RV to Michigan, drive the truck to Cleveland for the first family wedding, return to Michigan for our granddaughter's wedding the next weekend.  When all the festivities are over we will head to Indiana for our two appointments to get some things fixed.  From there we will head for home.

This could all change but for now it is our goal.  It allows us to do the four most important family things and get the RV all fixed up.  There is always something to get worked on.  

Your concern and prayers are greatly appreciated.  I hope to be able to continue good reports!

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